File Cabinet Makeover

Hello Loves!  Just wanted to share our little at home project we  did of giving this file cabinet a complete makeover.
 Before moving to Florida we sold  pretty much all of our furniture.  The only stuff we kept was our bed, dresser set, dining room table, my great grandmothers china cabinet  and another smaller cabinet Matt bought me as a gift.
We profited around $850 at our yard sale and kept that money to then replace the furniture once we got to our new home in Florida. 
So be prepared for lots of repurpose blogs. ;) 
If there is one thing I love the most about our new home is the garage and no need to actually use it for vehicles.
Talk about a whole place to store and complete my projects. Complete repurpose junkie over here! 
So let's get this show on the road. 

We picked up this tad rusty but very potential file cabinet at a local ReStore by Habit for Humanity.  $20 SCORE!

We started by removing all the hardware and  using a Strip Disc attachment for cordless drill to remove all the chipped pain…

Backless Dress

Just sharing this gorgeous dress from Shop MVB Hope you love it just as much as I do!
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Recovering Color-a-Holic

For those of you who are just now joining me on this journey  I will give you a quick recap and catch you up to date! :) 
All my life I have wanted long, gorgeous and healthy hair yet I was so addicted to changing my hair color that the damage prevented me from ever achieving that goal.

After 6 months of Army training I got my hair chopped off to my shoulders. 

After two and a half years and two pregnancies I was finally reaching my lifetime goal of long healthy hair. 
At least I thought so... Late July I attempted to change my hair color to burgundy. The color kept fading so fast that after a week I would have dull, ugly, pink hair and I couldn't stand it.

So the dummy I am attempted to bleach my hair back blonde.

It took THREE MAJOR hair cuts to finally cut off all the fried/damaged hair.  I also went back to a more natural light brown color until my hair was healthier. The plan has always been to go back blonde when the time was right and now after 8 months I am finally going to update you all…

5 Reasons Why I Make a Horrible Blogger

1)  9 out of 10 I am dressed like above.  Mom bun, jeans, tank top and very minimal makeup.  In order to take fashion photos I have to get ready and as a mother of 3 under 3... ain't nobody got time for that.
2) I lack consistency.  Example: I am going to blog every Tuesday + Thursday. Well, Tuesday the kids had doctor appointments and little one got shots which made Wednesday + Thursday a big bundle of FUN as I pleaded for just two seconds  him to feel all better and the crying to stop. Nothing ever goes as I planned.
3) I don't own a white bedspread. Have you ever noticed that EVERY blogger has this amazingly huge bed with white  blankets to take adorable family photos in? Not only is my comforter a mix of whatever blankets don't have baby pee or puke on it  at the time but my bedroom also looks like a war zone. 6 moves in the last 3 years = everything still in boxes. It's like we are afraid to unpack. Which leads us to...
4) I don't live in a beautifully decorated house. In all hones…

Beating the slump and working towards my goals

Lets start at the beginning. 
I never struggled with my body or weight in my past because I was always so active and fit.  In high school I ran cross country and long distance track. Trained hard and made it to states.  After a year of college I decided I needed a break and joined the Army NG.  Off to basic training I went where I kicked A at PT and never felt better about my body.  I averaged around 105-110 lbs and had a BMI of 18.  I would of never guessed that 5 months later I would be pregnant with my first child. 
STARTED: 110lbs ENDED: 160lbs +50 My first pregnancy I had a serious addiction to brownies and Netflix. I managed to gain a whopping 50 lbs and it showed!  Thankfully yet sadly I had to leave for 3 weeks of Army training and the weight just poured off from all the heat and working out. By the time I got home I was back down to 115lbs  but I also found out I was pregnant 2 weeks later! Talk about a welcome home gift from my man. He's always been the go hard or go home type!

My Labor and Delivery with Treyson ♥

Out of all three of my pregnancies I have to say  Treyson's was the most difficult for me.  From having three consecutive pregnancies  my pelvis, tailbone and hips hurt so bad starting as early as the second trimester. 

I was always on the edge because unlike my prior pregnancies I was constantly having minor bleeding and losing my mucous plug. 
With my first two pregnancies I didn't experience any of that until a week 
or two before going into labor. 

It all began at 35 weeks when I dropped the kids off at Matt's parents and headed to the hospital with slightly painful but consistent contractions. After an hour of being monitored I was told to  go home drink lots of water and try to rest.  My midwife knew that was easier said than done with two under two. Cervix was soft and dilated 1cm. Contractions every 4 minutes 

After trying to take it easy for a week but still consistently losing bloody mucous I ended up back at the hospital once again. I blame Matt's gumbo that I jokingly told him  to…