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29 Weeks Down, 11 More To Go!

29 Week Bump Board❤ Third Trimester
I have no clue where to even start on this past week. Possibly, Murphy's Law. As many of you know I started off last Wednesday with heartbreaking news that my moms fiancee' had passed away. We all knew the day would come but the doctors said 12-18 months. I was suppose to take photos at their wedding on Valentines Day. He didn't even live to see the month of February.
The only thing I can think is life isn't fair. So many rotten people get to live when they don't deserve it. While others who have done nothing but serve their country and take care of others die suddenly. How does that even make sense? Doesn't the world have enough negativity? ❤ ❤ ❤ Thursday night Brayden woke up at 2am coughing.
By Friday night he had a fever of 103 and was extremely congested. 
We made a trip to the ER where they confirmed it was a virus.
They suggested Pedialyte, Motrin and Tylenol. 
His fever finally broke on Monday and he is slowly getting back to no…

28 Weeks Down, 12 More To Go!

28 Week Bump Board❤ Third Trimester

SYMPTOMS: frequent urination harder to pick up and hold Brayden sore and throbbing lady part. ):  *apparently it is common due to the baby laying on blood vessels causing swelling.* blotchy face. Not acne just red spots. old stretch marks turning white.
restless legs one night
tossing and turning while trying to sleep
tender breasts

This week's big developments:By this week, your baby weighs 2.5 pounds and measures 16 inches from the top of her head to her heels. She can blink her eyes, which now sport lashes. With her eyesight developing, she may be able to see the light that filters in through your womb. She's also developing billions of neurons in her brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world.

Weight Gain/Loss:  +11 pounds.

27 Weeks Down, 13 More To Go!

27 Week Bump Board❤ Third Trimester

I promise not to comment on how crazy fast this pregnancy is going like I do every other week! Instead I will make a comment on the fact that I am in my THIRD TRIMESTER and my pregnancy app said that if Elena was born prematurely at this point that her lungs are developed enough that she would be okay with medical assistance of course.Its such a relief to hear something like that even though at my doctors appointment last Thursday he said baby is growing perfectly and I am looking amazing! 
On that note,  Highlights and Lowlights of my pregnancy week 26-27 
Confession... I actually took my iPad home with me to the land of no service or wifi and while I laid in the bathtub once  Brayden laid down for sleep I went to my notes and actually THOUGHT about things that I have experienced this past week. 
Last Sunday I had a mini breakdown which resulted from an argument that Matt and I had.  Sunday is the only day he has off from work so we usually try to do som…

26 Weeks Down, 14 More To Go!

26 Week Bump Board❤

26 weeks already just seems crazy! I figured that since I found out I was pregnant around 3 weeks that this pregnancy would drag on and feel like forever but here I am wondering where time has gone! Not only am I three short months from having my baby girl but that means I am three short months from my baby boy turning a year old! I can't express how blessed I feel and how truly grateful I am to have found such a great man to spend my life with and have two amazing children with. I would have never thought my life would be where it is now when I was joining the Army that summer of 2011. I appreciate every past relationship and friendship that has not only lead me to where I am now but also made me the woman and mother I am today. 

On that note
Highlights and lowlights of my pregnancy week 25-26 This past week I have gained one pound and 1.5 inches around my waist!  Besides peeing a little when I sneeze and being slightly more off balanced this week has been a piece …