24 Weeks Down, 16 More To Go!

24 Week Bump Board 

It feels nice to actually have a second to sit down and think about my blogpost instead of speed typing to get it done before Matt starts rushing me to pack up everything to go home. Which is the case every week usually! 

First and for most Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all have amazing days with your families and Santa bought you at least one gift you couldn't buy for yourself this year. Brayden was definitely spoiled! I feel like every time I went to the store I ended up picking out more toys and clothes for him. As a mother buying him everything and anything is my weakness. I can't wait to post all the adorable photos of him on his First Christmas! I even bought him a tux to wear! 

Highlights and lowlights of my pregnancy week 23-24
After writing my post I would remember a symptom I had and never even mentioned because the questions that the weekly survey ask don't really revolve on how I feel just on what i'm craving, wearing and sleeping! So I am making a point to include my  SYMPTOMS this post and future ones since I am, lets face it, in the down hill slope of this pregnancy.  
The past two weeks I have actually struggled with pelvis pains! I can't believe I haven't mentioned this in my prior posts. With Brayden I had more hip pain than pelvis but since I didn't give my body much time to allow my hips to go back to their original size or even shrink a little i'm not surprised I don't have the hip issues and I am NOT complaining!  With Elena because she is so much lower I am assuming she is putting a lot of pressure on my pelvis bone which is actually causing a lot of pain. I have noticed it gets worse when I am on my feet a lot and walking. Theres no other way for me to explain this than just simply saying my vagina hurts and some days standing after finally relaxing on a busy day is hard to do. Other symptoms I just started having this week is Braxton Hicks! My doctor said that they are common and nothing to worry about unless you are having 5 or more in an hour which I am not. Yesterday I caught myself having only 4 through out the whole day and one was so hard I had to breathe through it waiting for my stomach to release. 
Since it's nothing to worry about it's kind of exciting to think about the fact that I am becoming so far along that I am actually having signs of labor! I feel like I just turned 20 weeks pregnant and found out that my baby is a girl. Now next week I am already half way to 30 weeks and I still haven't even bought most of her stuff because I am waiting for us to move into the house. There is so much I need to do in a short amount of time and  I am not going to get any smaller or energetic! 

his week's big developments: 
Your baby's growing steadily, having gained about 4 ounces since last week. That puts her at about 1 1/3 pounds. Since she's almost a foot long, she cuts a pretty lean figure at this point, but her body is filling out proportionally and she'll soon start to plump up. Her brain is also growing quickly now, and her taste buds are continuing to develop. Her lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree" as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help her air sacs inflate once he hits the outside world. Her skin is still thin and translucent, but that will start to change soon.

How Far Along:  24 weeks

Weight Gain/Loss:  +7.4 lbs.
Sleep:  Sleep was pretty hit or miss this week. I have started waking up multiple times during the night to go potty. Pretty much if I am not awake comforting Brayden, checking on him, getting kicked by Elena or going potty than I am tossing and turning. Some day I will get a baby sitter just so I can take a long needed nap! Ha
Best Moment This Week:   This week has been pretty busy and exciting because CHRISTMAS IS TOMORROW! Elena is growing big and starting to kick so hard she wakes brother up when I am trying to get him to sleep. Brayden has started being able to balance and stand! He actually almost took his first controlled step today! Silly boy loves to wave and give slobber kisses. 
Movement: I have started feeling her movements about 24/7. She is always up to something in there I swear she was doing baby karate this morning at 6am. 
Food Cravings/Aversions: Pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, bananas, yogurt, orange juice and chocolate. Anything sweet you name it and I'll eat it! 
What I Miss: I still have to go with sleep on this one! Lets face it we all need it! 
Stretch Marks:  My old ones are still becoming more apparent. I got them with Brayden on my thighs, love handles, a few on my lower stomach and on my chest. Like I said though I gained around 50 lbs when I was pregnant with him! 
Belly Button:  In for now!
Rings:  Still loose! 
Mood: I have been slightly emotional. I can tell when my hormones get to me because I start getting jealous about little things that usually never bother me. I guess pregnancy just makes you want to feel more special and appreciated. 
Labor Signs: Cramps, pelvis pain and Braxton Hicks!
Upcoming Appointments/Events: Mid January I have another doctor appointment where I think is the glucose syrup if I am remembering correctly. My current doctor I have had thus far is a bit old school and doesn't even tell me much. I have been waiting patiently for my Mid Wife who delivered Brayden to transfer to New York and become my OBGYN/Midwife once again which she said was January so that's really exciting!  
What I look forward to: Having my midwife back, Brayden's first Christmas, moving into our house, My "baby sprinkle", Brayden's first birthday and the birth of my baby girl. Oh and our wedding in October!!! Busy as always. 
Weekly Wisdom:  Sometimes biting your tongue is better than starting an argument and walking 2 miles in the snow! 

Starting weight 119lb - Starting waist measurement 31in. 

I am now 126.4 lbs and 36.5 in. 

Merry Christmas Loves.


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