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Not Understanding the Big Trend ❤

Usually I am not the type of person to express my opinion. Especially on matters that really don't effect me.  I have to say though this is a common trend I have been seeing.  Am I the only one who has noticed an increase in mothers using  the fact they are a "Teen Mom" to gain popularity?  Wether is be on television or just every day social media.  Everyday I come across more and more instagram profiles.  On these profiles mothers are purposely stereotyping themselves. Their bios include terms such as: Teen Mom Young Mom TTC Teen etc.
*  *  * Why do individuals feel the need to put themselves in a category? Does being a teen mother make you better than the other moms?
Stronger than other moms? Smarter than other moms? Is it really a reason why people should follow you? Envy you? Be proud of you? Say you are an inspiration?
You could be 14 years old and be one of the strongest moms out there. I would be able to see that you are strong by the way you carry yourself. By the way you take care of y…

Maternity Photos


33 Weeks Down, 7 More To Go!❤

Highlights and Lowlights of my Pregnancy Week 32-33:  Just another week that went flying by in the blink of an eye. We were suppose to move into our town house last Friday but I had stayed at the apartment to pack. Turns out we both needed to sign the lease that Friday but Matt had no way to get ahold of me. There for, moving day got held back to this Friday. FINGERS CROSSED NOTHING GOES WRONG!
Brayden had been sleeping like a little angel at night but now he is teething again. We are back to waking up every few hours and him scream crying. Can't wait for him to just be 100% okay for once. No abscess, no virus, no teething, no diaper rash and no cold! Just my little joyful baby boy and his giggles.
Elena has been a little wiggle worm these past few days. I am starting to see my whole stomach shift as she changes positions. Last week I suffered from horrible heartburn. Thankfully I have been finding ways around it. I have to say the only things I really suffered from this week is my sudden …

Earning my Tiger Stripes

First I would like to start of by saying... Stretch marks are bound to happen when having a baby. If you are one of the moms who didn't get them then awesome! If you are one of the many who did or even got them while going through puberty here is to us and embracing the fact that we no longer have a "flawless body".  Now hold on tight while I take you back to 2011. 
You may want to close your eyes it's a bit promiscuous. This was my body type once I finished puberty.  5 foot 3 | 105 pounds | size 00 pants | size 32 DD bust Some say too skinny but I never starved myself to get that body. I actually ate like a cow but I loved to run and be fit. I had a six pack and never even knew what love handles were.
This photo was taken right after I graduated basic training and AIT for the Army. I was still fairly small but gained a lot of muscle in my arms and stomach. I weighed around 110lbs and was in the best shape I had ever been.  I promise I am not bragging or whining this is all part of…

32 Weeks Down, 8 More To Go!❤

Highlights and Lowlights of my Pregnancy Week 31-32: I actually had to sit down with a planner and write what I did on each day this past week because I have been so busy! Between Brayden's appointments, my baby appointments, my biopsy, trying to pack to move and keeping up with Luckless... this momma is ready for hibernation. 
Last Thursday I finally broke down and had a mini panic attack but after hugs from my momma and remembering that it could always be worse I got up, brushed my self off and carried on. When I look at my life from a perspective I see how lucky I really am. I have an AMAZING man who has stuck by my side through thick and thin. I have a healthy baby boy who is way advance for his age and loves me more than I could ever imagine. I have a perfect baby girl in the womb preparing to make her appearance any day and most of all I have people who love me and always give me the strength I need when I am feeling down.
Besides being sleepy all the time and napping at any c…