Earning my Tiger Stripes

First I would like to start of by saying...
Stretch marks are bound to happen when having a baby.
If you are one of the moms who didn't get them then awesome!
If you are one of the many who did or even got them while going through puberty
here is to us and embracing the fact that we no longer have a "flawless body".
 Now hold on tight while I take you back to 2011. 

You may want to close your eyes it's a bit promiscuous.
This was my body type once I finished puberty. 
5 foot 3 | 105 pounds | size 00 pants | size 32 DD bust
Some say too skinny but I never starved myself to get that body.
I actually ate like a cow but I loved to run and be fit.
I had a six pack and never even knew what love handles were.

This photo was taken right after I graduated basic training and AIT for the Army.
I was still fairly small but gained a lot of muscle in my arms and stomach.
I weighed around 110lbs and was in the best shape I had ever been. 
I promise I am not bragging or whining this is all part of the process! 

Then Baby Brayden was conceived!
Myrtle Beach 2012
We were on vacation for a week and made a baby.

The first stretch marks that appeared were on my breasts.
Right after 20 weeks I started to get big red marks under my breasts.
Once I hit around 25 weeks I started to get smaller white ones on the top of my breast.
I took photos to document all that but I bet you all don't blame me for not posting them.

At 30 weeks it was the start of my love handles and inner thigh stretch marks. 
But now I bet you can understand why when you look at these photos.
I got HUGE in less than 10 weeks.
My butt blew up, my stomach blew up even my thighs blew up!

This photo shows the start of stretch marks on my inner thigh.
I took this photo at 35 weeks pregnant. 
They continued to get redder and deeper the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy.
Out of ALL my stretch marks these are the ones I hate. 

38 weeks pregnant with Brayden
As you can see the stretch marks on my love handles proceeded to get worse.
The stretch marks on my lower stomach started to appear around 35 weeks.

I took this photo a few days before my water broke.
As you can see I had very deep and red marks on my lower stomach
and even one right about my lady part! 
Many people ask about my tattoo but it actually hides a lot of the marks.
I wish I was better at taking photos with my first pregnancy. 
This photo shows me 1 day pp, 1 week pp and then 4 months pp.
As I got back to my normal weight and started tanning my stretch marks faded some.
So far with my pregnancy I haven't got many more stretch marks.
My old ones are starting to surface more and turn red again. 
I am okay with my body changing.
My soon to be husband still loves me and my body the same, if not more.
He loves all the extra weight I have in my chest and butt now!
Typical man! 

I may not be a size 00 any more.
I may not have a flawless 6 pack with unmarked skin
but I have had two amazing pregnancies.
I cherish my stretch marks for every mother who wish they could have kept their
baby in the womb for just a few weeks more. 
I cherish my stretch marks for the women who never made it to the third trimester.
I cherish my stretch marks for the women who have never had a chance to be a mom.
I cherish my stretch marks because my tiny body carried two human beings.
Most of all I cherish my stretch marks because everyday I look at my son and fall in love all over again.

I will have to do an update once I am done with this pregnancy!
Also keep up with my postpartum body and things that have worked for me
while getting rid of the weight and fading my stretch marks. 

Before I end this post I wanted to show you the products I use!
I use every SINGLE one of these products DAILY.
I use Cocoa Butter lotion in the morning after my shower.
I use the Cocoa Butter oil through out the day if I get itchy.
I use Bio Oil at night before I go to sleep. 
What are some products you all have used and they work amazing?


  1. You and your belly are beautiful! I didn't even notice you had stretch marks before!

  2. I used mederma. It's the best product I've found for stretch marks. I gained weight and got stretch marks on the front of my stomach and they are now virtually gone. This is in part to immediately using the cream as soon as I got them and using it consistently


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