Not Understanding the Big Trend ❤

Usually I am not the type of person to express my opinion.
Especially on matters that really don't effect me. 
I have to say though this is a common trend I have been seeing. 
Am I the only one who has noticed an increase in mothers using 
the fact they are a "Teen Mom" to gain popularity? 
Wether is be on television or just every day social media. 
Everyday I come across more and more instagram profiles. 
On these profiles mothers are purposely stereotyping themselves.
Their bios include terms such as:
Teen Mom
Young Mom
TTC Teen

*  *  *
Why do individuals feel the need to put themselves in a category?
Does being a teen mother make you better than the other moms?
Stronger than other moms?
Smarter than other moms?
Is it really a reason why people should follow you?
Envy you?
Be proud of you?
Say you are an inspiration?

You could be 14 years old and be one of the strongest moms out there.
I would be able to see that you are strong by the way you carry yourself.
By the way you take care of your child.
By the way you put their needs first and do what it takes to give them the life they deserve.
Why is there a need to emphasize the fact that you are a teen mom?

*  *  *
I got pregnant with Brayden a month after turning 20 years old.
Not once have I called myself a "Young Mom" 
or used my age to gain followers or respect.
Want to know what kind of mom I am?

I am a fun mom.
a loving mom.
a co bathing mom.
a strong mom.
a busy mom.
a concerned mom.
an over protective mom.
a silly mom.
a caring mom.
a cuddly mom.
a full time working mom.
a blogging mom.
a proud mom. 
a photo obsessed mom.
an infatuated mom. 
a strict mom.
an understanding mom.
a patient mom.
a hard-working mom.
a happy mom.
a helpful mom.
a kind mom.
a sweet mom.
a classy mom.
a stylish mom.
a kind-hearted mom.
a passionate mom.
a powerful mom.
a persuasive mom.
a sometimes emotional mom.
a over worried mom.
a funny mom.
a bottle making mom.
a diaper changing mom.

Do you get the point?
I am way MORE than a YOUNG MOM.
I strive to be the BEST MOM I can be.
Don't gain followers because you are a teen mom.
Gain followers because you are an AMAZING mom. 

Say what you want but don't stereotype me. 


  1. Agreed! I was 17 when I had my daughter. I notice more and more girls are having babies young. Its quite sad. My life didn't end because I had my daughter young. I was born to be a mother so my life is amazing and I'm so blessed to say my son and I made it through pregnancy my second time around. My sister in law is a young mom and does an okay job but you can tell she isn't ready.......Oh. she's pregnant again too and doing it all alone because my brother is in Kuwait until after the babu arrives. I love reading your blog. I would love to be half the mother and woman you are.

  2. Seriously love this post! I don't get when ladies put #teenmom #proudteenmom under there pictures or in their bios. Nor does it matter as long as your a taking motherhood seriously and doing your best.

  3. I love this post. I had my Son when I was 22. He is *coughcough* 11 now!


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