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"Instagram Famous"

That label makes me cringe.  I am not famous of any sort. I am a soon to be 22 year old who happens to have an adorable son and a gorgeous baby girl who can arrive any day now.  I don't enjoy drama and gossip like most "famous" people do. I don't go out of my way to gain followers or put social media before my family.  I just like to share my journey and also watch other moms.  I love my instagram mommy circle because they are better than google.  Where else can you get hundreds of opinions and personal experiences in the matter of minutes? 
*  *  * I can remember when I started my first Instagram account. I had just graduated from Army Training and was just getting back into all the social media stuff.
My Facebook had been at a hold still for the last 6 months and honestly I was over it.  What could be more perfect than an app where I can easily share photos when I wanted.  No need to write a status or have people write statuses about your annoying selfies.  I had ju…

Bitter Sweet Birthday

Amazing edit done by cutestsedits_ Follow her account to have your own cute edits done! 
I will be sharing Brayden's Birthday photos hopefully tomorrow.  With Elena arriving any day and Matt's hectic work schedule right now we decided to do a small gathering of family. By small I mean only Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.  He had a blast smashing his birthday cake and playing with all his new toys.  So amazing to see how much he has grown and everything he has learned even these past few weeks! 
Every month, week and day brings something new and exciting! I can't wait to see what this next year of my little man brings. Other than him being a kick butt big brother! 
I love you so much Brayden.  You will forever be my baby boy. ❤

Preparing for a Smash Cake Shoot ❤

Cake  cake mix $2 base frosting $3 decoration frosting $3 empty formula can $0 Total = $8

Step 1: Follow simple baking instructions and bake until cake is no longer doughy in the middle. 
Step 2: Remove cake from oven and place in fridge.  Allow cake to cool down.
Step 3: Remove cake from formula can and set on plate.
Step 4: Frost the outside with your base frosting. 
Step 5: Decorate the outside however your heart desires!
More into depth instructions on baking in a formula can
I chose to do the star frosting nozzle with a number 1 candle! 

Photo Props background (roll of wrapping paper) $1 floor cover (plastic table cover) $1 tassels (tissue paper) $1 x 4 string $3 construction paper $3 Total = $12

Want to learn how to make tassels? 
Click Here

Adorable photos of your loved one for just $20.
Seeing the smile on their face = Priceless. 

Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoyed.

37 Weeks Down, 3 More Weeks to go!

If any words were to describe this past week it would be Mentally and Physically Exhausting. Saturday was my official last day at Luckless for a while. I have rushed around trying to get Elena's nursery ready for her arrival. Many of the projects I did were cheap and DIY to help save money. -I will be doing a blog post on her nursery and those projects- But I am realizing that money only goes a little way these days. As I used my last pay check buying a changing table, a book shelf, her crib, tissue paper, curtains and other things for her room I slowly started to feel uneasy. (Matt spends most of his pay checks on bills so I always use mine for the extra stuff)
Maternity Leave aka: mommy is broke If you have kid(s) you know that we feel the need to buy them EVERYTHING. I go to the store for milk and end up in the baby section buying teethers, snacks, 10 different kinds of butt ointment, sippy cups in every shape and form, etc... It is only human nature that we feel the need to give them eve…

My Labor and Delivery with Brayden ♥

I remember thinking that this baby was NEVER going to come out.  It took me all the way until 39 weeks to even dilate 1 cm!  I thought I was going to cry at my 39 week appointment when my midwife  said he showed very few signs of coming before or on my due date. I decided I was going to dance him out wether he liked it or not.
Sure enough that night I lost my mucus plug.  March 28th 2013 I spent most the day in bed.  As I recall I actually finished the final season of Greek on Netflix! Matt had new floor being put in the kitchen and bathroom of our old apartment and the workers actually had to disconnect our toilet.  Around 5pm I went to stand up to let the dog out and noticed that I seemed to have a small leak.  Thinking that maybe my bladder was really full  (due to not being able to use our bathroom) I just wrote it off as nothing.  As I went down the steps to outside I felt a big gush of fluid then once more as I continued.  All I could think is OH GREAT. Here are two guys in the apartment, no toil…

36 Weeks Down, 4 More To Go!

four. more. weeks. The thought blows my mind. I remember when I first found out we were having another baby. Matt thought I was playing a practical joke. Brayden was not even 4 months old yet. I had just got back from Army Training two weeks prior. Turns out I was ovulation those first 3 days when I came home. My hormones were still messed up from just having a baby and trying to take BC. I was on seasonique but should have know it wasn't working well. I had been spotting for two weeks before finally getting my period on July 10th. After I stopped breast feeding Brayden my breast had shrunk drastically! All my bras, bought post pregnancy or during pregnancy, were way to big.  My little lady lumps were looking like a sac of soggy potatoes. Suddenly they started getting perky and swollen again. At first I was like AWESOME maybe they are going to go back to their original size! Well perky and swollen turned into sore and tender. In two weeks I had gone from a saggy C to a swollen DD. I finally too…