35 Weeks Down, 5 More To Go!

Highlights and Lowlights of my Pregnancy Week 34-35:
One more week down and 5 more to go!
I can't believe that next week makes only a month until Elena's arrival.
Time has seriously flown and I am just holding on to keep up.

This week Matthew and I celebrate our 2 year anniversary.
Brayden, Matthew and I ate out at a nice restaurant.
I love little family moments like that.
Our relationship isn't perfect.
Actually far from somedays.
We have just learned not to air out our dirty laundry.
Some days I feel like that is the golden rule to having a successful relationship.
It hasn't been easy but I feel blessed to have him in my life.
Two years down and a life time to go.

Brayden has still been a total HOOT!
He is climbing on and under EVERYTHING.
I feel like he is crying every 5 minutes because he falls down or hits his head.
I remind myself that he will eventually know the meaning of the word no.
Also I wont be huge and pregnant forever.
Chasing him will become easier!

I tell myself that I need to write down my symptoms when I experience them
throughout the week so I will have something to go off from for my post.
Yeah, well that never happens so here I am trying to recall what struggles I had this week.
Honestly the only thing that comes to mind is just out of breath.
Elena has been pushing off my hips and shoving her booty into my ribs.
Sometimes I feel like I have a big hump right under my boobs that people can see.
She is constantly pushing it still surprises me sometimes.
Stretch and grow big baby girl!

On that note,
35 week bump board.

My leggings are from our small town clothing shop

Frequent urination
Braxton hicks more towards the evening.
Sore breasts and nipples!
Sore back at night
Dry Hair
Itchy abdomen

Weight gain: +6 lbs I am still 134! 

Stretch marks: I have to admit I have still been slacking on my lotions. Unpacking has been a nightmare. I need to get in a normal routine again! 

Belly button in or out: It is an innie outtie! 

Sleep: Sleep has been amazing! I haven't been getting more but I am not as tired. 

Best moment this week: My best moment this past week was my mom coming over and helping me unpack boxes and we did eachothers hair! I am so lucky to have her. 

Worst moment this week: My worst moment this week is just simply the stress. I don't understand how people expect me to do a MILLION things at once. I just want to have one lazy day or even just one day where I can put all my effort to ONE thing. (still the same!) Haha

Miss anything: I miss most of my clothes. I am reaching the part of pregnancy where I don't know what to wear! 

Movement: Elena has been pushing off my hips and then shoving her butt in my right ribs and her feet in my left ribs. Sometimes it surprises me and almost knocks the wind out of me. It astonishes me how big and strong she is! Maybe the reason I feel her sooner than I felt Brayden is because my baby belly is smaller and not giving her as much cushion. ( still the same)

Cravings: Hmmm SHAMROCK SHAKE!!!!!! Thank you McDonalds. 

Queasy or sick: I have been pretty perfect this past week. A few cramps but nothing too out of the ordinary! 

Looking forward to: I am looking forward to getting Elena's room ready for her arrival! 

Mood: Lately I have been dealing with so much sometimes I get sad but I am working on staying positive! 

Upcoming events/appointments: Appointment with my MidWife next friday! Then I start my weekly appointments! 

What I look forward to: Unpacking and feeling at home finally. Brayden's first birthday, Elenas' birth and marrying the love of my life this October. 
Weekly Wisdom: I’ve killed myself with changes trying to make things better, but I ended up becoming something better than what I had planned to be.
Explains Brayden PERFECTLY this past week.
Growing up way too fast! 
Attitude of a teenager already. 

Starting weight 119 pounds - Starting waist measurement 31 inches. 
I am now 134 pounds and 39 inches. 


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