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37 Weeks Down, 3 More Weeks to go!

If any words were to describe this past week it would be
Mentally and Physically Exhausting.
Saturday was my official last day at Luckless for a while.
I have rushed around trying to get Elena's nursery ready for her arrival.
Many of the projects I did were cheap and DIY to help save money.
-I will be doing a blog post on her nursery and those projects-
But I am realizing that money only goes a little way these days.
As I used my last pay check buying a changing table, a book shelf, her crib, tissue paper,
curtains and other things for her room I slowly started to feel uneasy.
(Matt spends most of his pay checks on bills so I always use mine for the extra stuff)

Maternity Leave aka: mommy is broke
If you have kid(s) you know that we feel the need to buy them EVERYTHING.
I go to the store for milk and end up in the baby section buying teethers,
snacks, 10 different kinds of butt ointment, sippy cups in every shape and form, etc...
It is only human nature that we feel the need to give them everything they need and more.

I have came to terms that I needed to stop this bad habit.
I am officially putting myself on a shopping diet.
I will only buy what is NEEDED.
Here is to saving money and only spending it on the necessities.

Last week at my appointment I was 1 cm dilated but not effaced.
On Monday at 4am I lost some of my mucus plug (not bloody).
Later on that day I lost more but this time slightly tinted with blood.
I also suffered with back cramps, restless legs and lower pelvis cramping.
Not to mention the endless migraines and restless legs.

On Tuesday I lost more of my mucus plug this time also not bloody.
I keep waiting for the nesting to settle in but all I am feeling is more exhausted.
If I had one wish right now it would just be the ability to sleep ALL DAY.
Just lay in bed with messy hair and no make up with some snacks and some quality time with Netflix.
Instead I continue to clean, prepare and chase around my little monster.
Being a mother is amazing in every way and seeing our children's adorable faces is what reminds us that in the end 
it will be all okay.
They wont be little forever so cherish these moments and cuddle them at 2am.

On that note,
37 week bump board.

Highlights and Lowlights of my Pregnancy Week 36-37:

  • Losing my mucous plug is a sign that I am thinning and dilating!
  • I am one week closer to meeting my princess.
  • I now go to the doctor every week, which makes time fly!
  • Elena's nursery is almost complete. 
  • I am going to pack my hospital bag this week.
  • Baby girl is measuring perfectly and is healthy!
  • RESTLESS LEGS. Oh my, I hate RLS so much. 
  • Extremely uncomfortable. I swear she soccer punched me in the crotch today.
  • Elena is KILLING my ribs. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes.
  • Throbbing girl part is full blown now. Plus side means she's dropping right?
  • Braxton Hicks many times throughout the day! 
  • Sore hips, pelvis and lower back. All I want is for my lower back to crack.
  • Heartburn
  • Migraines
  • Constipated
  • Dry hair
  • Simply, exhaustion.

Weight gain: +17 lbs

Major Developmental Milestones: You've got what is officially considered a full-term baby, even with three weeks to go. That doesn't mean she's finished growing — in fact, she's still packing on about a half pound a week (at this age, the average fetus weighs about 6.5 pounds). That makes it a little crowded in your uterus, so she’s probably not kicking as much, though she’s probably stretching, rolling a bit, and wiggling (all of which you’ll be able to feel!). Right now, your little superstar is busy rehearsing for her big debut, inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid (to get the lungs ready for that first breath), sucking her thumb (to prepare for that first suckle of milk), blinking, and turning from side to side.

Stretch marks: My old ones from Brayden seem to be branching further up on my stomach because Elena has been so low. 

Belly button in or out: It is an innie outtie! 

Sleep: If i'm not tossing and turning struggling to sleep it seems like Brayden is. 

Best moment this week: My best moment this week was just enjoying cuddles from Brayden. He is growing way too fast and I am amazed by how much he learns everyday. 

Worst moment this week: My worst moment this week just has to be dealing with my migraines which also bring on my emotional side. 

Miss anything: I still miss my clothes!!! 

Movement: Elena has been pushing off my hips and then shoving her butt in my right ribs and her feet in my left ribs. Sometimes it surprises me and almost knocks the wind out of me. It astonishes me how big and strong she is! Maybe the reason I feel her sooner than I felt Brayden is because my baby belly is smaller and not giving her as much cushion. ( still the same)

Cravings: This past week I have snacked on fruit, animal crackers, yogurt and raisins. Yes I know I eat like a toddler. 

Queasy or sick: Some migraines leave me a little car sick feeling but nothing too horrible. 

Looking forward to: I am looking forward to getting Elena's room ready for her arrival! 

Mood: Focusing on the finish line and keeping this smile on my face! 

Upcoming events/appointments: Appointment with my MidWife tomorrow! I am excited to see if I have progressed anymore! Also I am pretty sure I get to see my mom. <3 

What I look forward to: Brayden's first birthday this weekend! Elena's birth and marrying the love of my life this October. 
Weekly Wisdom: Just when you don't think you can handle any more, stand up and show them you can.

Starting weight 119 pounds - Starting waist measurement 31 inches. 
I am now 136 pounds & 39 inches round. 


  1. I hope your appointment today goes well!

    1. Thank you dear! I found out I am now 2cm dilated and 50% effaced!

  2. I love your blog! Your a very good writer :) can't wait to see your little girl


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