9 Months of Brayden ❤

Brayden Matthew Morris
I had posted this on my old blog but I decided to update and repost.
I will be posting Brayden's big TEN MONTH update very soon
Still seems insane that he hit his 11 month milestone.
Where has the time been going?
I remember how anxious I was for my due date after finally seeing his gorgeous face. I couldn't have imagined a more precious and beautiful baby boy. Everyday he continues to grow more and more handsome. 

Brayden was born the day before his due date on March 29th, 2013. He shares his birthday with both of his Grandmas. After 6 hours of Labor and delivering him naturally he made his arrival at 4:41 am at a whopping 8lbs 4oz and 21 inches long! I never knew how much I could love someone until I looked into his eyes. I never wanted to put him down. We struggled with jaundice that first week with many trips back to the hospital to get his blood taken and many doctor appointments but we were never happier than we were the day we turned in his bilirubin light!

This picture explains that first month perfectly! Even though he was growing like a weed he wanted to comfort nurse 24/7 and only sleep when Mommy had to be awake. Everyone was amazed that he was already starting to hold his own head and lock out his legs. I knew he was a tough little man from the start. He weighed 12lbs 2 ounces and 22 1/2 inches long!

Looking at these photos its amazing to see how fast he lost his new baby face. By two months Brayden was already teething! Slobbering all over the place and it was such a pain because he couldn't hold anything so I spent my day letting him chew on my finger or other teething toys. I had to stop breastfeeding when he was 6 weeks because I would be leaving for 3 weeks for Army Training where I wouldn't be able to pump so I would lose my milk. I weened him at 6 weeks to make sure he would take to formula okay and I could be dried up before going away. This was one of the saddest things I had to do because I loved breast feeding so much but he continued to grow like a weed. By two months Brayden held his head all by himself, locked his legs and stood with help and rolled over from his back to his belly! Brayden always made my day because now that he learned how to smile he was always full of joy! This big boy was 14 lbs 6 ounces and 25.2 inches long! The doctor said he was the size of a 4 month old and also very advanced for his age! 

By three months old this little man was a JUMPING MACHINE! He lived in his jumper and wouldn't have it any other way. I could no longer leave him on the bed and walk away because he would roll all over the place and still continued to teeth on EVERYTHING. We finally found the perfect formula that worked with his tummy and he was a pretty happy little man! Sleep was still a struggle because Brayden loved to nap during the day but not sleep at night. With me working full time at Luckless it was hard for me to get him on a schedule plus this was the month I left him for 3 weeks so I had to miss most of the milestones from month 3. Chunker finally out grew his little swing and bassinet. Pack away the baby supplies this big boy is on to bigger better things! He continued to stay around 15lbs which was our comfort weight for awhile and 26 inches long! Still amazing how much he was learning and growing everyday. 

With how fast Brayden was growing the doctor gave us the okay to start feeding him baby cereals such as oatmeal and rice because formula was no longer filling him up. He HATED it at first. I remember he would spit it out every single time but when I finally got him to be comfortable with the texture things got a little easier for the both of us. I remember I was mortified when his poop changed from the new born yellow to the nasty pasty green! Ha Mom stuff. At this stage Brayden still lived in his jumper. He finally could balance enough to sit but needed someone close to make sure he didn't fall over. He loved standing with help and now that his focus was developed he adored all his toys that hung on his chair and car seat. I remember I was so overly excited when he finally started giggling when I tickled him or made a face.  At 4 months this chunker was 16lbs and 27.5 inches long! Mommy and Daddy started looking at big boy car seats with amazing safety and walkers! 

This photo explains it all! Up to no good as always! At 5 months Brayden FINALLY got his first bottom tooth! The second one followed very closely and I was relieved to get a little break from the constant misery it put him through that last week. Little man now ran in his walker, sat by him self, rolled from his stomach to back and back to stomach, army crawled and ate solids like a pro! He loves giggling at the dog and playing with his toys. As soon as he got settled on the cereals we got the "GO" for trying veggies and fruits. Silly boy loved all the new tastes and as he munched down the food the pounds began to pack on! This little man was 18 lbs and 28 inches long!

At 6 months old Brayden started to STAND by HIMSELF! I remember I was so excited the first time he got the balance. Little did I know that now meant him constantly pulling him self up on stuff and falling down. He is so persistent that the second he stops crying he's back at it again! I have been going crazy trying to get my work done and making sure he's not up to NO GOOD! Which is usually the case. If he can be eating dirt from the plant, chewing on shirts for sale or throwing them on the ground HE WILL BE. On Halloween day he started crawling like a pro! We now had to retire the jumper, buy a big boy car seat, lower his crib, raise his walker and set up gates! Child proofing here we come! This little monster is on the loose! At a whopping 20lbs 3 ounces and 29 inches long this big boy is the weight of a 12 months old and the height of a 18 month old! He wears 12-18 months clothes and size 3 shoes! 

At 7 months Brayden has mastered standing. shaking his head no, signing "more" and taking steps with his little push toy. I have had so much fun taking cute photos of him we never have a dull moment. Brayden got to touch and see his first snow, which he isn't to sure about yet. He also had fun playing with the leaves this fall and touching the pumpkins! He loves to blow raspberries and talk in his baby gibberish. Brayden is always pulling himself up to stand on everything and is SO determined to start walking! The doctor said he sees Brayden walking by 9 months because he is so advanced! We are finally getting our first front tooth! It should make it appearance any day now! I know one little man who will be very relieved about that! Lately he has enjoyed watching musical cartoons and exploring everything! We are finally on a sleep, eat and play schedule that has been working well for us. I can't believe how much he has grown already. 

Oh 8 months. Teething, teething and more teething! Brayden got FOUR TEETH in this short month. His two bottom and two front top. Little man has mastered crawling and pulling himself up to stand and grab everything. Thankfully he learned how to sit down slowly and prevent himself from hitting his head on the ground. His first words were "DADA" and his second were "NANA. I thought that things would be easier now that he was a bit more self efficient, boy was I wrong. He not only wants to get into everything, he wants to EAT everything. Cords, dust bunnies, dog food, dog toys… you name it, he's chewing on it. I am constantly asking him what he found and digging it out of his mouth. He has became quite the bath toy hoarder. If it was his choice he would just stay naked all day playing with his toys in the bathtub. Until he got hungry of course! 

Brayden's first Christmas! He wasn't much for opening the presents but he does enjoy many of the gifts he got! Month 9 was a huge milestone for Brayden! His first week into it he learned how to balance and stand all by himself without leaning on anything! By the third week of his ninth month he was WALKING! Brayden took his first steps on January 17th! It was this month that Brayden also lost his very first loved one. We will never let him forget Pop-Pop and how much he adored him! After he got two more top teeth we enjoyed a very relieving break from teething how ever did end up fighting influenza! I was so proud that this big boy is officially on sippy cups only. He also weened himself from his pacifier and now sleeps in his own crib! Some night are more of a struggle than others but everyday he shows how much he has grown not only physically but mentally as well! 
Brayden is still at an average weight of 20 lbs.
He wears size 3 shoes and 18 month shirts and pants. 

I love you so much baby boy.  ❤


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