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"Instagram Famous"

That label makes me cringe. 
I am not famous of any sort. 
I am a soon to be 22 year old who happens to have an adorable son
and a gorgeous baby girl who can arrive any day now. 
I don't enjoy drama and gossip like most "famous" people do.
I don't go out of my way to gain followers or put social media before my family. 
I just like to share my journey and also watch other moms. 
I love my instagram mommy circle because they are better than google. 
Where else can you get hundreds of opinions and personal experiences in the matter of minutes? 

*  *  *
I can remember when I started my first Instagram account.
I had just graduated from Army Training and was just getting back into all the social media stuff.
My Facebook had been at a hold still for the last 6 months and honestly I was over it. 
What could be more perfect than an app where I can easily share photos when I wanted. 
No need to write a status or have people write statuses about your annoying selfies. 
I had just bought a new puppy and I jumped into the photo world of the hashtag #ilovemydachsund 

Yes you read that right. 
Before I became pregnant, actually even the whole time I was pregnant with Brayden, I was 
one of the nerdy dog lovers who just posted photos of their dog and admired other peoples dogs. 
When I became pregnant I started to over use hashtags and keep my profile public. 
Hash tags such as
#pregnant #pregnancy #babyboy #baby #babybump #babybelly #preggo
As well as whatever week pregnant I was and what the photo was about.
I quickly learned to copy and paste them out of my notes in my phone. 
I slowly gained a circle of fellow mothers who were also pregnant.
Most of them were actually around the same due date as me! 
We would all admire each others photos and share pregnancy stories. 

*  *  *

By the time I had Brayden I had gained around 1000 followers and I thought that was insane. 
I started having requests for shoutouts and attempted to do them on my personal account at first but quickly stopped. 
May of 2012 I started an Instagram page called @mommyshouts
I use to spend hours of my day just working on shoutout edits for moms.
For months I worked my butt off and slowly grew not only my own personal IG but also the mommypage. 
Both accounts ended up hitting 10k followers and I decided to start a YouTube channel

It was an amazing experience while I did it but I am very shy when it comes to speaking into a camera.
Most of the time I had to record the whole video over again because I was so soft spoken. 
Also, it's so easy for people to judge you when you put yourself out there and honestly
the work I was putting into it was no longer worth it in my eyes. 
I stopped recording videos right after I found out I was pregnant with baby number two. 

*  *  *
I stuck to just Instagram for a few months and than came across a blog where the mom did pregnancy updates.
PREGNANCY UPDATES, thats an amazing idea! 
How do I get started?! 
I read up on blogs, chose Blogger, brainstormed a name, threw together a layout, bought a frame to make a chalk board and slowly came up with my own way of things that grew along with my blog. 
Looking back I can see the way my style changed as I learned more about blogging 
and also my own personal style of things. 

*  *  *

Instagram lead me to blogging and I will forever be thankful for that. 
Somehow a girl with a puppy turned into a mature mother who has a hobby of blogging. 
I made a few wrong turns and slowly found my way but that's part of life. 
I didn't sit around and beg for shoutouts or message other people asking them what they did. 
I just DID IT. 
Be your own kind of imperfection. 
Don't rely on others to get you where you want to be. 
No one knows you more than you know yourself. 


  1. Blogging is wonderful! Its a great outlet and very fun :) also a good thing to have when youre homevwith baby and not getting out much that first month. I posted i think several times a week when my daughter was born. She did a lot of sleeping amd i was recovering so we didnt go out really. I will always be so glad for blogging lol

  2. I started my first blog when I first found out I was pregnant with my son! It is such a wonderful way to document and share everything :) I'm glad you started blogging! There is such an amazing network of bloggers too!

  3. I've recently started my blog after having my son, it's mainly him that inspired me to try it and plus I love baby fashion so thought I would blog it! Great idea. X


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