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My Labor and Delivery with Brayden ♥

I remember thinking that this baby was NEVER going to come out. 
It took me all the way until 39 weeks to even dilate 1 cm! 
I thought I was going to cry at my 39 week appointment when my midwife 
said he showed very few signs of coming before or on my due date.
I decided I was going to dance him out wether he liked it or not.

Sure enough that night I lost my mucus plug
March 28th 2013 I spent most the day in bed. 
As I recall I actually finished the final season of Greek on Netflix!
Matt had new floor being put in the kitchen and bathroom of
our old apartment and the workers actually had to disconnect our toilet
Around 5pm I went to stand up to let the dog out and noticed
that I seemed to have a small leak
Thinking that maybe my bladder was really full 
(due to not being able to use our bathroom)
I just wrote it off as nothing. 
As I went down the steps to outside I felt a big gush
of fluid then once more as I continued. 
All I could think is OH GREAT.
Here are two guys in the apartment, no toilet, my dog wont
stop jumping on me and sticking his head in my crotch.
He was determined to tell on me.
*  *  * 
I called my midwife to tell her what had just happened.
She had just got home (she delivered a baby that afternoon)
She told me to head over to the hospital and they will 
test me to see if it is indeed my water leaking and if
that was the case she would see me in a little. 
I hung up the phone and called Matt. 
He was suppose to work until 8pm and had to leave early.
*  *  *
I am not really sure what we were thinking as we
grabbed the bags and the dog and jumped in the car.
We arrived to the hospital around 8 pm.
(The hospital was almost 50 minutes away)
Long story short I lived in NY and my health insurance was PA.
Once I got there they had me undress gave me a gown and a big pad.
They told me to walk around & bounce on the ball.
The goal was to get some liquid to come out so they could test it
to see if it was my water leaking. 
I couldn't get much liquid out but what I did tested a slight positive.
Once my midwife arrived she came in and inserted the speculum
that way she could easy get the Q-tip in to test the liquid.
As soon as she inserted them water started flowing out
Sure enough there was a tear in my amniotic sac.
It was GO TIME

Everything seemed to start flying by.
Suddenly we remembered the poor dog was in the car.
Also we didn't have cell phone service at the hospital.
I had to get on the wifi to message my brother who lives
in New Jersey and tell him to call my mom and have her come.
Matts brother ended up coming and getting the dog where he
was spoiled by Matts grandma while we were in the hospital.
All monitors were connected and they started the IV of pitocin.

At first I couldn't feel anything besides my stomach tightening and releasing.
The nurse taught me how to feel my stomach and know how big of
a contraction it was by how hard my stomach was.
After hours of just sitting around and chatting the easy part was over.
My water finally broke by itself and the contractions were suddenly strong. 
I want to say this was around 1am on March 29th 2013.
Because I was progressing so fast I had to wait for an epidural until
I had a full bag of the fluid in me.
When the bag was finally empty I signed the paperwork
and had the epidural inserted.
I remember my arm was cold from the IV and my legs were hot from the epidural. 
The nurse told me I should try to sleep while I waited to dilate.
After a little over a half hour I woke up in more pain than I was before.
I told my mom that it hurt worse now than it did before the epidural.
It was now around 3:30 am.
The nurse came in and checked to see how dilated I was. 
She said I was an 8 and we would start pushing around 4 am.
I kept asking my mom what time it was in-between contractions.
I never wanted time to fly by as fast as I did then. 
I started to throw up in a bucket from the pain.
*  *  * 
My midwife came in a little after 4 and checked me.
She said we would start pushing at 4:20 because I still needed to dilate a little more.  
I thought Matt was going to have a heart attack while he watched helplessly. 
I have never been so envious of the fact he had a penis in my life.
4:20 came around and I was 10cm dilated. 
Ready, Set, Push!
Such a relief!
Who ever said pushing is the worst was so wrong.
The worst is sitting there dealing with the pain waiting to dilate.
After a few pushes my midwife had me get in the squatting position with my back to her and my arms wrapped around the bed.

Three things that stand out to me in this moment.
1. Brayden was caught on my pelvis so she hoped this position helped.
2. She realized that my Epidural was not hooked to my IV.
Turns out I some how disconnected it during my nap.
Apparently I was meant to give birth naturally.
3. I threw up all down the bed while pushing and when she had
me lay back down I had throw up all in my hair. 

My midwife told me that a few more pushes and he would be here!
She actually made Matt look at his head crowning. 
I was briefed that as soon as he was born she would set him on my
chest but as he started to come they noticed the cord was wrapped around his neck.
Matt said that she quickly slid it off but they still needed to go take him 
over to the examination area under the light to make sure everything was okay.
I remember tearing up when I heard his little cry and they handed him over. 
My baby boy was perfect.

March 29th 2013 at 4:41am 
Brayden Matthew Morris was born ♥

8 pounds 4 ounces and 21.5 inches long! 

He shares his Birthday with my mother AND Matts mother! 
Talk about a crazy coincidence. 
I can't believe it has already been a whole year since 
I was blessed to have him brought into my life. 
Everyday I smile and kiss his forehead knowing he came
exactly when I needed him to and had made me a better person.
Everything I do is for him and soon to be Elena. 
I just want to be someone who you will be proud to call your mother.
I love you baby boy.
You are my everything. 



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