Preparing for a Smash Cake Shoot ❤

cake mix $2
base frosting $3
decoration frosting $3
empty formula can $0
Total = $8

Step 1: Follow simple baking instructions and bake until cake is no longer doughy in the middle. 
Step 2: Remove cake from oven and place in fridge.  Allow cake to cool down.
Step 3: Remove cake from formula can and set on plate.
Step 4: Frost the outside with your base frosting. 
Step 5: Decorate the outside however your heart desires!
More into depth instructions on baking in a formula can
I chose to do the star frosting nozzle with a number 1 candle! 

Photo Props
background (roll of wrapping paper) $1
floor cover (plastic table cover) $1
tassels (tissue paper) $1 x 4
string $3
construction paper $3
Total = $12

Want to learn how to make tassels? 
Click Here

Adorable photos of your loved one for just $20.
Seeing the smile on their face = Priceless. 


Thank you for reading! 
I hope you enjoyed.


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