My Journey after Pregnancy - Week 2

I started my pregnancy at 119lbs and 31 inches. 
I finished my pregnancy at 140lbs and 39 inches.

Pounds lost since pregnancy: -16 pounds

Inches lost since pregnancy: -6 inches

What I have been doing for fitness: Eating healthier and breastfeeding.

This weeks biggest struggle: This week I noticed that I have a fear of leaving my house because of the fact I do strictly breast feed Elena and haven't made time to start pumping to build a supply for feedings in public with a bottle. A reason this effects my fitness is for example today would have been an amazing day to go for a walk. 

Short term  goals: Start walking more once the weather gets nice.

Long term goals: 110 pounds and the ability to run a mile in 6 minutes.

Weekly wisdom: Know that your cravings don't control you. You can easily say no and find alternate ways to satisfy your sweet tooth! 

I promise these will get more interesting when I can start working out and sharing tips! 
Until then thank you for reading my boring posts! 


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