My Labor and Delivery with Elena ♥

With Elena Lynn Morris 

On March 25th I had my first sign 
that Elena would be born soon rather than later. 
I was 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant when I lost some of my mucous plug
I continued to lose more and more as the week went by. 
Some larger bits and others just small. 
At my 37 week appointment I had my midwife check me.
She said I was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced.

On March 29th (Brayden's Birthday) I was having strong braxton hicks.
They were every 5-8 minutes but not painful! 
The night of March 30th I started to have bad back cramps
and dull pains in my abdomen. They continued that way for almost
two hours! I finally decided to get up and start packing my hospital 
bag and they stopped. My poor mom was already on her way over. 

April 3rd 2014
At my 38 week appointment my midwife checked me again.
She said I was 3cm dilated and about 75% effaced.
At first she thought I was going to carry full term but she agreed
that we would be having a baby in the next week. 
She swept my membranes and told me to call if anything exciting happened. 

April 4th 2014 
I woke up at 4am with strong contractions. 
I remember laying in bed and timing them as I got lightheaded.
I am assuming it was from trying to concentrate on the pain.
Around 5am I decided to let Matt and my mother know 
what was going on and start packing my hospital bag.
At 8am I called my midwife and she told me to come see her.
4cm dilated and fully effaced. 
The only set back was that Elena was still not fully dropped to the 0.
She told me to go to the hospital and walk around to get her to drop.
At noon there wasn't much of a change so they sent me home
with the instructions to bounce, walk and help her drop! 
I wont lie I went home and took a hot bath then TRIED to nap.
I kept waking up every 5 minutes from my contractions. 
I told my mom we should go to Kmart and walk around that
way 1) my water doesn't break on my carpet and 2) I'm walking.

Not even a half hour after being at Kmart my contractions
started being a lot stronger and only 3-4 minutes apart.
As we were at the check out I was thinking this guy has 4 
minutes to get my stuff rang up before I have another contraction. 
Does he not mumble a question I said sure thinking that he was asking 
me to donate a dollar or if I want to use my reward money.

NO turns out he asked if I wanted to sign up for a credit card and off he disappears for like 8 minutes while I am sitting there trying to breath and cursing him out in my head! When he finally comes back I tell him that I don't have time for this and I am in LABOR! He quickly gathered my receipts and sent me on my way. 
Note to cashiers: SPEAK THE HELL UP. 

I called my midwife and let her know that they were closer and stronger.
 She told me to come into her office again it was 3:30pm.

She checked me and I was 6cm dilated and 100% effaced
Elena was finally dropped and ready to go! 
She told me to head over to the hospital and she would break my water. 

Side notes:
  • My OBGYN office is only 2 miles from our townhouse.
  • The OBGYN office is only a half mile from the Hospital. 
  • Matts work was only 2 blocks from the Hospital. 
  • I told him to stay at work and I'd call him when it was baby time. 
  • Since I was already 6cm dilated and fully effaced my Midwife and I decided against the epidural. 
  • I was induced with Brayden due to my water leaking and went from 1cm dilated 0 effaced to delivering him in less than 6 hours. 
  • We figured Elena would be a very fast delivery also. 

At 4:35pm they broke my water! 
My contractions quickly went from every 4 minutes to every 1.5 minutes. 
Child birth... 
How do we even explain the feeling. 
It's like the cramps you get with a bad stomach flu but longer. 
And you know as soon as it goes away its just going to come back. 
The pain sucks but I think the worst part is knowing it's not going 
away until your baby has made its appearance. 
You take deep breaths and breathe through the pain over and over again. 
Concentrate on the fact you are shortly going to be holding your precious baby. 
Not so much on the fact they have to come out your lady parts first. 

*   *   *   *   * 
This is how I remember my labor
4 little bee stings. 
This is because it took them 4 times to get my IV to hit a vein. 
I left the hospital looking like I shot up drugs in my arms 
or was in a very abusive relationship. 
As I breathed through contractions I remember the nurse
pulling and pushing the final attempt saying how
it was SO CLOSE she didn't want to pull it out and try again. 
She finally got it to hit the vein but only for fluid to go in.
Blood wouldn't come out so they had to send up one of the lab ladies
to draw blood from my other arm for tests. 
Two more bee stings. 
By the time they got done torturing me I told the nurse that I felt
like I needed to push. She called in my midwife. 
7 cm dilated not time yet. 

The nurse asked if I wanted the Nubain yet to help dull pain.
I said yes please. 

They inserted the Nubain through my IV and rolled me onto my side. 
I would doze off then be woken up a minute later with stabbing
pain in my abdomen. No back labor all front.
I told the nurse I felt like I needed to push again.
She called in my midwife.
8cm dilated not time yet.
She said about a half hour. 
Another contraction, kept feeling like I had to pee. 
Breath, sleep, breath.
Matt is holding my hand and stroking my hair.
I try to look at him but my eyes are heavy. 

Another contraction. 
I feel sharp pain and a strong urge to push.
I scream that I need to push and give it all I have.
I am still laying on my side.
My midwife jumps out of the rocker and tries to grab gloves.
The nurse pulls back the sheets to see Elena's head already out.
I continue to bare down and my midwife catches 
Elena just in time with one glove on.

 Elena Lynn Morris was born at 5:24pm
6 pounds 0.7 ounces and 19 1/4 inches 
Less than an hour of hard labor and one push.

Elena and my midwife
Thank you for reading. 



  1. Omgosh beautiful! ♡ I absolutely adored it.

  2. Beautiful post! You have a lovely gift for writing ♥

  3. There's no better story in the world than one about how your little angel was born. I really liked the things your OBGYN made you do before you started going on to labor. Perhaps that helped in having a successful delivery. Looks like Elena is a healthy baby girl, and I'm sure you and your hubby are very happy. Congratulations!
    Elli Degennaro @


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