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Elena's Enchanting Nursery❀

❀ A Closer Look ❀

My Journey after Pregnancy - Week 4 & 5

Before I start on my 5 week update I wanted to first catch up! As some of you may have noticed I didn't post my 4 week update.  Last week was HORRIBLE for me.  Not so much with life but just my body!
At first I was blessed with a wonderful sinus infection. I was miserable while I juggled the kids with a horrible migraine, sore throat and runny nose.  I couldn't sleep because I couldn't breathe! I was ecstatic when my sinuses finally started to clear up.   Little did I know that was just the beginning of my bad luck.
MOST of the time if you breast feed you do NOT get a period. This is why I was shocked to see I was bleeding after I had already stopped at 2 weeks. A few days before it actually started I was so sick I couldn't bare to eat or even ride in the car.  The sickness was quickly accompanied by horrible cramps and even vomiting. I probably scared the crap out of all my family members thinking I was pregnant AGAIN. By the way, thats just a joke.  There is no way …

Elena's One Month Update

Newborn- 6 lbs 0 oz
Leaving the hospital- 5 lbs 9 oz
One Week- 6 lbs 0 oz
Two Weeks- 6 lbs 6 oz
Three Weeks- 7lbs 8 oz
Four Weeks- 9lbs 2 oz

Newborn- 19 1/4 inches
Four Weeks- 20 inches

Currently Elena has no set schedule.  She probably wont until she is a few months older. Currently she eats and sleeps when and where she wants! 
For the first few weeks Elena had her nights and days mixed up.
She finally started sleeping more during the night but now is going through a growth spurt! 
My goal was to get Elena to sleep in her bassinet not co sleep.
Clearly this is NOT going to happen.  She doesn't even like when mommy cuddles dad and not her. I have to curl her into my chest and stomach then have my leg up under her butt.  The second I stop cuddling her she is up yelling at me. 
In the beginning weeks Elena slept a lot but would eat every 2-3 hours.
Now that she is going through a growth spurt she eats every hour if not more.
It is a mix of comfort nursing and her …