Elena's One Month Update

Newborn- 6 lbs 0 oz
Leaving the hospital- 5 lbs 9 oz
One Week- 6 lbs 0 oz
Two Weeks- 6 lbs 6 oz
Three Weeks- 7lbs 8 oz
Four Weeks- 9lbs 2 oz


Newborn- 19 1/4 inches
Four Weeks- 20 inches


Currently Elena has no set schedule. 
She probably wont until she is a few months older.
Currently she eats and sleeps when and where she wants! 


For the first few weeks Elena had her nights and days mixed up.
She finally started sleeping more during the night but now is going through a growth spurt! 
My goal was to get Elena to sleep in her bassinet not co sleep.
Clearly this is NOT going to happen. 
She doesn't even like when mommy cuddles dad and not her.
I have to curl her into my chest and stomach then have my leg up under her butt. 
The second I stop cuddling her she is up yelling at me. 


In the beginning weeks Elena slept a lot but would eat every 2-3 hours.
Now that she is going through a growth spurt she eats every hour if not more.
It is a mix of comfort nursing and her being a hungry little girl!
I have been trying to get her to take a pacifier that way I can get more done
but she has difficulties latching onto the pacifier because her mouth is still so little. 


For the first two weeks Elena wore Premie Outfits. 
She is now in Newborn Clothing! 
Her little legs are so long she will soon be in 0-3. 


Over the last month Elena is finally starting to un curl her body. 
As you can tell in the first and second week photos her body is kind of curved. 
Elena is now more aware of her surroundings and loves to look at lights. 
She sometimes burps as soon as you sit her up.
Elena loves to grab my finger and also pull my hair. 
She can lift and hold her head for a few minutes at a time! 
She will lock out her legs and push off my lap.
Getting stronger every day! 

Bathtime cuddles & feedings
Being wrapped up tight
Swinging in her swing
Being held
Using mom boob as a pillow
Comfort feeding and feeding period
Brothers head kisses

Cold hands and cold period
Sun in her eyes
Being put in her carseat
Getting dressed and undressed
Her pacifier (her mouth is still too small)

Elena survived her first yeast infection!
After quickly realizing that the red blisters were not just diaper rash, 
I quickly got her into the doctors and her infection was gone in only a few days!
May 8th 2014 was our first long night together.
Elena survived her first gassy tummy. 
After lots of comfort feeding, burping and bath soaking we got some rest. 

I love you baby girl. 

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