My Journey after Pregnancy - Week 4 & 5

Before I start on my 5 week update I wanted to first catch up!
As some of you may have noticed I didn't post my 4 week update. 
Last week was HORRIBLE for me. 
Not so much with life but just my body!

At first I was blessed with a wonderful sinus infection.
I was miserable while I juggled the kids with a horrible migraine, sore throat and runny nose. 
I couldn't sleep because I couldn't breathe!
I was ecstatic when my sinuses finally started to clear up.  
Little did I know that was just the beginning of my bad luck.

MOST of the time if you breast feed you do NOT get a period.
This is why I was shocked to see I was bleeding after I had already stopped at 2 weeks.
A few days before it actually started I was so sick I couldn't bare to eat or even ride in the car. 
The sickness was quickly accompanied by horrible cramps and even vomiting.
I probably scared the crap out of all my family members thinking I was pregnant AGAIN.
By the way, thats just a joke. 
There is no way I would or could be pregnant. 

After bleeding like a regular period for a few days things got insane.
I was getting very nervous as I started bleeding through big over night pads in a half hour. 
Even more nervous when I started passing blood clots the size of golf balls. 
Just when I thought it couldn't get worse along came the dizziness and sickness. 
I sat in the bath waiting for Matt to come take me to the doctors,
within 10 minutes the tub water was dark red
I was convinced I was dying. 
Good news is I survived! 

My midwife felt my uterus and did an internal exam. 
She wrote me a prescription for medicine that would shrink my uterus. 
The bad news was it would make things worse before they got better.
Every time I took a pill (every 6 hours) it felt like the contractions you had after birth.
Breastfeeding mommas understand this pain. 
The contractions you get that first day you start breastfeeding as your uterus shrinks!
After 3 days the bleeding stopped completely!
I couldn't have been happier to see the ending of that torture. 
Apparently that was my karma for not having a period in years. 
Funny mother nature, funny. 

From bloating I went all the way back up to 125.2 pounds. 
Which brings us to...

I started my pregnancy at 119lbs and 31 inches. 
I finished my pregnancy at 140lbs and 39 inches.

Pounds lost since pregnancy: -18.8 pounds

Inches lost since pregnancy: -8 inches

What I have been doing for fitness: BREASTFEEDING NON STOP

Short term  goals: Drink more water, walk more, run in the morning before the babies wake up, eat healthier and simply be happier. 

Long term goals: 110 pounds and the ability to run a mile in 6 minutes. Tighten up my loose skin mom pouch! 

Weekly wisdom: If you live your life to please others you will never be happy yourself. 

I promise these will get more interesting when I can start working out and sharing tips! 
Until then thank you for reading my boring posts! 
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