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Secrets to Success on Instagram

So many people ask me how I have gained so many followers on Instagram and  I decided to share my secrets to success with all of YOU!  You are going to laugh at how simple it honestly is.
1. POST CLEAR AND NICE QUALITY PHOTOS.  No one and I repeat NO ONE likes looking at poor quality, fuzzy, dark and unfocused photos. 
2. USE HASHTAGS!  These are hashtags from my breastfeeding page.  By having these hashtags other people who share interests can find my page. In less than a month my breastfeeding page has gained over 4,000 likes. Another great thing about hashtags is YOU FINDING PEOPLE YOU LIKE. Which leads us to number 3...
3. BE ACTIVE AND SOCIAL (MAKE FRIENDS) A perfect example is my good friend Brittany and I. We met a year ago on Instagram and have talked every day since. We are now eachothers bridesmaids and feel closer to eachother than we do with friends we had in highschool. By being active and commenting or liking someones photos you are showing that person that you really enjoy following t…