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8 Weeks Down, 32 More Weeks to go!

Guess who is back again? Who missed me?  As you can see we welcoming our THIRD BABY! This baby is due around the end of MAY 2015.

My last period was August 13th-24th. I'm almost certain that I ovulated September 2nd.  I got my first positive digital pregnancy test on September 15th. My first OBGYN appointment was October 14th.  I estimated my due date somewhere between May 20th-26th. After my ultrasound the baby's due date got moved to May 31st.
Now that you are all caught up...  My very first 8 week bump board❤
I will be wearing this same outfit for EVERY bump board.  I just feel like I will enjoy seeing the difference from start to finish.
Highlights and Lowlights of my Pregnancy Week 8:
Highlights:  The baby had a strong heartbeat of 145 bpmI have had no bleeding or cramping! Lowlights: A little worried that the baby is smaller than what it's suppose to be. With Brayden and Elena everything was always right on track.Super super super nauseous. Either constipated or have diarrhea. No hap…