An honest blog about Honest Diapers ❤ PART ONE

Before I get into the benefits of Honest Diapers I wanted to first share my story
on the struggles I dealt with that lead me to Honest. 

My first born, Brayden, always struggled with diaper rash from name brand diapers. 
When he was first born we used Huggies. 
I noticed that I would have to CAKE on ointment just to keep the rash away
when he didn't even had diarrhea or a soiled diaper. 

We then switched to LUVS.
Within a week his rash was even worse and peeling. 
I once again headed to the store to look and buy new diapers.

All these store named diapers that you always hear and every box is saying
how amazing their brand is but even Pampers didn't help his poor butt.
I was spending tons of money on diapers and diaper rash cream too! 

I then switched to Huggies Naturals.
He still got a rash and our problems were far from gone.
 Brayden came down with a virus that consisted of unending diarrhea. 
Mixing diarrhea with an already sore bottom was not a good mix. 
I took my poor baby to the ER where they of course took off his diaper and even took some stool samples. 
Shortly after we noticed a bump in the crease where Brayden's leg and pelvis met. 
Off to the doctors we went only to find out he had MRSA. 

I was horrified. 
He never went to a baby sitters. 
He was with me EVERYDAY? 
Come to find that hospitals play a big part in the passing of MRSA. 
Thankfully this time it was only a small lump and medication quickly took it away.
But MRSA will always be in his system and our problems were just beginning.

Because of his constant struggle with diaper rash it made it very easy to
1. Get MRSA 
2. Continue to have breakouts

In January Brayden ended up in the Hospital.
He had to get an abscess drained caused by MRSA.
MRSA is only an issue when there are sores or openings like Brayden had because of the diapers.

Here you can see the rash he has from diapers and medical tape used to cover his incisions. 
No matter how much ointment I applied or the many kinds I bought and tried he was just too sensitive. 
This is where our happy ending comes.
A friend told me about Honest Diapers and I talked Matt into trying them.
You know when the last time Brayden had a horrible rash or even a MRSA breakout?
January of 2014. 
Ever since we started using Honest Diapers our problems have disappeared. 
My daughter who is now 7 months old and has used Honest since birth has never had bad Diaper rash.
The only time the babies butts get sore is when they have diarrhea.
I then apply triple paste medical ointment and its gone.
Other than that my babies are rash and ointment free.
Because Brayden never gets Diaper Rash he now never has MRSA breakouts.
His sister is even MRSA FREE.

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