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23 Weeks Down, 17 More Weeks to go! ❤

Hey everyone! I know I have been slacking on this pregnancy and I apologize for that. Just know that two littles and being pregnant is EXHAUSTING. This winter has been filled with nothing but sickness for the Morris Household.
I can't say I am sad but February brings the end of our lease at our townhouse. I remember being SO EXCITED to move here last year (when I was pregnant with Elena) but sadly it's just not right for children and we have once again been discussing homes.
At first we were interested in renting a house but we came across one in our price range to buy! Knocking on wood and not cursing anything, since we have had SO MANY PROBLEMS in the house buying area due to Matt owning his own business, just keep your fingers crossed for us! Joy fills me just thinking about the babies having a yard to play in and nice town to grow up in. Plus actually owning a home means you can paint rooms and make it "homey" which I haven't had  the pleasure of doing since w…

Confessions of a Hair Color-a-Holic

When sitting and deeply thinking about something harmful that I am addicted to it took awhile for me to come to terms with the ONE and only addiction that I have. 
Coloring & Bleaching my hair.
I have never:  smoked tried any drugs rarely drank alcohol chewed tobacco eat lots of junk food or even drank caffeinated drinks.
I am fairly borderline boring besides the fact that  I am ADDICTED TO CHANGING MY HAIR. Here is my story and eye opener:
I started coloring my hair when I was 15 year old.  For the longest time I was a tom boy and had naturally long dirty blond hair.  The first color I ever did was burgundy underneath and low lights up top. After that it was a spiral of different colors. 
Strawberry blonde, dark brown, blonde with red low lights, platinum blonde, chestnut brown it never ended. Along with all the colors I also had issues with ever growing my hair out again  because I was constantly ruining my hair with chemicals.
I started wearing my first set of clip in extensions when I wa…

Chicken Pox after Vaccine

The run around due to Breakthrough Varicella
On October 30th 2014 my son got his Chickenpox Vaccine. 

November 24th  I noticed a few bumps on his stomach when he woke up and called his pediatrician for an appointment right away. The doctor said that they were bug bites.  When I asked about the chicken pox vaccine she assured me that the rash had nothing to do with the vaccine. I picked up calamine lotion and carpet insect killer.  Went home and stripped his bedding, bleached his crib rails and mattress,  sprayed his carpet with the insect killer and even got rid of our dog. The bumps dried up but as soon as they did...
December 2nd Brayden was once covered in bumps.  They were mostly on his back/neck and stomach. I freaked out thinking that it was a bug again even though he sleeps in footie pjs. Once again I sprayed the carpets, stripped his bedding and bleached his mattress. I searched HIGH and LOW looking for any bug(s) or even a spider web. The bumps dried up and went away but not for long. 
By Dec…