Confessions of a Hair Color-a-Holic

When sitting and deeply thinking about something harmful that I am addicted to it took
awhile for me to come to terms with the ONE and only addiction that I have. 

Coloring & Bleaching my hair.

I have never:
tried any drugs
rarely drank alcohol
chewed tobacco
eat lots of junk food
or even drank caffeinated drinks.

I am fairly borderline boring besides the fact that 
Here is my story and eye opener:

I started coloring my hair when I was 15 year old. 
For the longest time I was a tom boy and had naturally long dirty blond hair. 
The first color I ever did was burgundy underneath and low lights up top.
After that it was a spiral of different colors. 

Strawberry blonde, dark brown, blonde with red low lights, platinum blonde, chestnut brown it never ended.
Along with all the colors I also had issues with ever growing my hair out again 
because I was constantly ruining my hair with chemicals.

I started wearing my first set of clip in extensions when I was 17 years old.
Ever since then the longest I have went without extensions is the 6 months I was away for Army training.
You would think in that time frame my hair was healthy as can be.
Not the case at all. 
The constant buns and helmets pulling my hair resulted in even more damage and I cut my hair off at AIT.
This is where we will start our journey. 

The top photo is when I cut my hair off during Army Training. 
The bottom photo is ALL MY REAL HAIR after two and a half years and two pregnancies. 

I still wore my clip in extensions mostly everyday but I stopped coloring my hair as much.
Between these photos I colored my hair dirty blonde then back to platinum. 
Then a few months later I decided I wanted RED hair. 
I colored it a strawberry blonde then hated it.
Colored it again dark red then hated that too and went back platinum. 
After I went back to platinum I stopped coloring my hair (besides root touch ups) for a whole 
YEAR and 8 months! 

Sadly I just HAD TO color my hair and not only 
ruined my streak but also my beautiful long & healthy hair. 
My hair was so fried it would fall out if I even brushed it.
It felt like cotton candy when it was wet and would take forever to dry.
This was July 2014
I got most of the damage in the ends cut off and decided to color my hair a dark repairing color 
that way I wouldn't have to have any bleach on my hair at all while it repaired. 

I tried everything to hide the fact that I had fried my long beautiful hair. 
Braids, hats, twists, curls to blend and double sets of extensions. 
And even though these all worked to hide it they were also preventing my hair from getting healthy again.

As you can see my hair was slowly growing but as it grew it got thinner at the bottom. 
I finally took the plunge and chopped off my hair to my shoulders! 

How I plan on repairing and growing out my hair:
stop styling my hair everyday
air dry when wet
don't comb when wet
prenatal vitamins
argan oil
k-pac shampoo & conditioner
only wash 2-3 times a week

Eventually I do want to go back platinum before our wedding in October.
I want to do monthly updates and growth comparisons until our big day. 
I will share what products I have been using and what I find helps.
I haven't came up with any cool names yet like
-Racing our wedding day
or something along the lines of growing my hair out before our wedding. 
If you have any crafty ideas comment below!

I have never openly admitted that I wore extensions or that I fried my hair.
It took a lot for me to come out in the open about this all and I thank you all for being supportive.
It honestly means so much to me. 

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  1. Horse shampoo helps your hair grow thicker and longer as long as you follow the directions correctly. I hope you get to your goal ❤

    1. Dollar general, or Sally's! It's called horse tail and mane!

    2. Horse shampoo really does work ! I used it when I was in high school . The only reason why I stoped was because it made my hair super thick and I have thick hair already so imagine the trouble I had when styling ? But other than that I reccomnd it

    3. WLmart has it also ! Usually in the animal section or 'black' person hair :)

    4. Omg. Seriously.

  2. I also wash my hair every second day even every third day! I'm a firm believer it helps to keep them healthy ❤️ I put some bleach in my hair this summer when I colored the ends purple🙈 and I just haven't done anything to it since then I'm just letting them grow...I use coconut oil as a treatment on my hair leave it on 4-6 hours I always switch up my shampoos and conditioner and in love the hair mask from morrocanoil :)

  3. Nioxin shampoo is also very good for healthy hair growth. As scary as it is, you made the best decision cutting your hair. Best of luck!

  4. I have the same problem! I've had to cut my hair to a bob length so many times it's depressing.. But I've been using bed heads dumb blonde line and it's making a huge difference!

  5. Coconut based products work well. Helped my hair a ton when I fried mine two years ago.

  6. Headband curls! No heat products needed :)

  7. I am mixed but my texture of hair is totally different. I cannot use any types of oils in my hair. My hair was so horrible I would have to shave my head in order to have healthy hair again... That's when I decided to try and grow it. I switched from using all kinds of horrible products including hairspray and mouse to using organics. I use treseme (sp) naturals shampoo and conditioner it's cheap and does wonders I was my hair every 2 days. Instead of using mouse to style my hair I just put conditioner and sometimes a anti frizz spray in it. My hair has grown 4 inches in 3 months!!! I don't take any vitamins or anything of that sort just changed up my routine! I also do not straighten my hair at all!!! Let it air dry!

  8. I used its a 10 Miracle mask, it saved my hair. I think it looks good on you, makes you look older. :)

  9. You ARE still so beautiful with short hair BUT if you want beautiful longer strong hair I sell plexus which is an all natural health and wellness company. We have a multivitamin that has helped people have longer and stronger hair and nails. Email me at if you're interested!!

  10. Do a coconut oil mask twice a week. Look it up on YouTube on how best to do them. Good luck =)

  11. Biotin. Promotes healthy hair and nail growth

  12. You are beautiful no matter what! :)
    I use hair oil, it really helps ~<3

  13. You short hair looks full and healthy. It looks really cute too. Chopping and starting fresh is the best thing you can do. Frequent trims are good too. I also just finished bleaching my hair and going purple and now back to natural. I chopped it and now use hair masks, try not to style as much or wash too often.

  14. Look for "laurencalaway" on instagram. She is a model but also an addict like you lol. She has been in the past two years : brown, blonde, blue, blonde and lavender. But she has this ABSOLUTELY HEALTHY AND GORGEOUS HAIR. It is insane!! She gave the tips on her blog: she does coconut oil treatments like 4 times a week and leaves it for the whole night. She also uses argan oil masks and natural masks with eggs, oil, avocado, etc...

  15. After having my daughter pull my hair out when she was a baby I took the hair skin and nails from it works to help it grow and get rid of the ugly fly always, seriously a lifesaver. 2 inches in a month. I have heard of women taking it while pregnant. Might be something to check out? There is also a brush that helps not pull your hair out and again it was amazing for my hair. Good luck!

    Here is the brush:

  16. I only wash my hair every 3-4 days. I put it in a loose bun with a towel or shower cap every other day while I shower. It took some time but my hair is really healthy. I don't use a hair dryer and only straighten/curl maybe every other week. I use minimal products if any at all. I always recommend a dry shampoo on the days your not washing. The fastest way to dry out your hair is by washing it too often. Good luck!

  17. I had the same issue . I wash my hair every 5-7 days . So I just do a good rinse and then if it's a bit oily still dry shampoo! Usually the last day or two are loose buns ! Lol but I use salon care shampoo ( from sallys HUGE jug) i only condition the ends my hairs long i just condition from below the base of my neck so no conditioner touches my scalp every whil rinsing . And then I do the ' one and only' Aragon oil restorative hair mask , leave it on for 10 minutes while I shave or wash my body or just to deep thinking then rinse it well . And to dry it i always use to cool setting so I can atleast have part of my hair dry in certain areas . My hair is growing rapidly again after bleaching it all the short pieces in the back underneath that were super short and FINALLLY below my shoulders after not growing for a couple years . Note every couple months go in and ask for a dusting it's a little less then a trim but will help keep it healthy and get some of the missed dead & split ends gone ! :)

  18. I loveeeeeee your blog!!! So I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I use Wen It restores your hair basically no matter what. Whether it damaged, colored, dry or frizzy. That works wonders it makes your hair even softer. I also take biotin to speed up hair growth

  21. Give it works! A try the hair skin and nail vitamins are like prenatal on crack! 4.5" in New growth in a little over a month for me. Go to and check it out 😍

  22. Hey Crystal! I have been a hairdresser in Seattle for over 11 years. My clientele is majority blondes and I have tried everything to keep their hair healthy. There is a brand new revolutionary product on the market called Olaplex. You have to have a license to purchase it but it is a GAME CHANGER!!!! It rebuilds the bonds in the hair as your breaking them. It's incredible!! You mix part 1 in the bleach and follow it up with part 2 when you rinse. There is also a deep conditioner you can purchase. Check out Olaplexs in star am page to see more about it! Hopefully you know someone with a license that can get you some! Good luck

  23. That was meant to say *instagram page! Sorry

  24. It’s great to know that instead of indulging in unhealthy vices, you chose to be a hair color addict instead. Hahaha! Anyway, I love the colors that you achieved with your hair, although some had somehow damaged it. Oh well, at least you're now doing everything to recover it. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Crystal Lynn! Stay gorgeous!

    Sadie Montgomery @ Hoshall's Folsom

  25. Biotin supplements and I have read wearing a hat and using caffeine shampoo artificially extend the growth cycle ( like pregnancy)

  26. Girl, leave the hair alone. Why on earth would you want to go back to platinum after your hair falling out? Did you not learn your lesson? Also, the mane and tail shampoo and conditioner is for HORSES. It's probably one of the worst things you could put on your hair. It's designed for think horse hair and it's super harsh. Just no. Good luck to you when you go bald.

  27. Dearest Crystal

    It helps in such a big way to read about someone else's less than perfect experience with bleach.
    I am so, so sorry I ever came down this bleaching route.
    I have medium length hair which at least makes it more bearable should I need to cut my hair at all.
    I bleached my hair last year to go grey.
    It took two sessions of an hour each to get from natural medium length, healthy hair to brassy platinum. Then I toned.
    I did root touch up which came perfectly white but washes out all the toner, and toned grey again.
    This was all being done at home with a fellow platinum headed friend who was very precise.
    My bleach was not enough for a full head root touch-up so we decided to 'stretch' the bleach by mixing it with 40 volume developer (usually use 30 vol). BAD IDEA - my hair broke off in two sections just behind my fringe. I could still hide it, but I was mortified.
    Hating the yellow it produced, I went ahead and toned it. 5 mins in my hair came out in handfuls - more hair broke in these sections.

    I waited 2 months before I decided to bleach again. My hair was very yellow on the sides underneath which I couldn't handle as well as the ends. This time I wanted to tone less to achieve an ash blonde colour.
    I decided to bleach wash/bath my hair:
    1st session I sat 15mins - it removed my toner only, nothing else.
    2nd session I sat 30mins - VERY yellow hair - cant deal!
    3rd session I decided to sit for an hour - lots and lots of hair came out in the shower! Very panicked I found more hair broke off at the previous sections, but I am still able to cover up and you wont notice. There was still a lot of yellow, so my husband helped me do only the yellow parts with a 10 volume developer not touching my crown (area where my hair broke off). I sat for 35mins, hair did not break off excessively but are very stringy en fragile.
    I used a purple conditioner to tone the brassiness - it helped some, but I am left with purple streaks which is unacceptable at work.

    I HAVE to do something to change my colour. I have bought L'Oreal Preference Ash Blonde box dye, but I am very scared to use it. I want to stay blonde but I fear that I will be bald after another dye job.

    Is there anyone who can give me advice on what to do?

    In the meantime I have used deep conditioning mask and skipped washing. I use Morrocan Oil daily. I think I should invest in a protein shampoo too.
    I need to fix the colour, though, but I am very scared!

  28. I've had my hair dryer for ages - but since a good portion of them were spent with a pixie cut, it got limited use. Now that I've got hair past my shoulders, it gets a workout a few times a week. But lately, the warm setting isn't so warm, and I have to boost it to 'scalding' to achieve 'tepid'... For more details click this over here now


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