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26 Weeks Down, 14 More Weeks to go!❤

Welcome back! (: For once I am going to say that these last two weeks have DRAGGED and sucked.  I officially hit the part of pregnancy where I just want to lay in bed all day with snacks.  With Elena I worked and was always on the go so I didn't think about food as much  but man do I have snacks on the mind and so hard to say no this time around. Thank god we don't have much junk food in the house. 
I am not sure if I already explained this but at my first ultrasound they declared my due date as 05.31.15 I kinda freaked out at first because the baby was way behind but at my second ultrasound they said  his growth set him at a due date of 05.26.15 but they wouldn't change my due date on their papers  because the two dates were within a week of each other.  I have been going by the due date of 05.26.15 because this is the date my last period gives me also. By this date I will be 27 weeks TOMORROW. But I figured since I slacked and forgot to do my bump board this past week I …

25 Weeks Down, 15 More Weeks to go!❤

Hey everyone! So the past two weeks have been crazy busy. Yesterday I took the time to read a few of my old Bump Boards with Elena and I liked that I always kept up to date with everything that was going on in our life.  I giggled because so much hasn't changed and now I am in the same stages with Elena that I was with Brayden in my second pregnancy.
Brayden has been a mix of a handful and adorable.  Isn't that always though?  If he isn't destroying everything, refusing to eat, climbing on the furniture & pushing his sister  then he is dancing, speaking in TICKLISH LANGUAGE and being too damn cute.  It's bitter sweet that my little monster is turning TWO next month. 
Elena is in a horrible phase that involves NO SLEEP.  She wakes up every hour of the night and screams if you don't give her what she wants & FAST.  She is also into destroying everything and climbing on the furniture.  I blame Brayden for teaching her all the bad stuff at an early age - haha.  …