28 Weeks Down, 12 More Weeks to go!❤

Can I point out my obvious blog make over!?
I am feeling fancy and brand new. 
So once again two weeks FLEW by and I missed a post.
I apologize but I promise you didn't miss much.

Baby Treyson is crazy active and constantly having dance 
parties in mommy's tummy. It is the cutest thing ever. 
Our house buying process is once again at a stand still.
Excuse me while I go pout in a corner. 
Because Matt is self employed we have to wait for the
Luckless 2014 taxes to be done and evaluated. 
This will be done mid March and then HOPEFULLY
we will get our final approval and get this show on the road. 

This month is a BUSY one. 
-March 9th is my 3D ultrasound
-March 10th is mine and Matts anniversary
-March 29th is Brayden & both his grandmas birthdays
-April 4th is Elena's birthday

Their birthday party is going to be combined and at
the local YMCA in a room that is full of toddler proof fun!
I really need to start planning and buying decorations.
In honor of watching Finding Nemo a million times
the past month we decided that will be the theme!

On that note, Let's get to my 28 week bump board.

By this week, baby weighs 2 1/4 pounds and measures 14.8 inches from the top of his head to his heels.

Starting weight 120 pounds - Starting waist measurement 31.5 inches. 
135lbs & 38.5 inches 
WEIGHT: +15 pounds
WAIST: 38 inches (+7 inches) 

Highlights and Lowlights of my Pregnancy Week 28:

  • Baby boy moves a ton and reassures mom he's okay.
  • I have had no bleeding and loss of mucus plug the past two weeks!
  • Baby boy had a strong heartbeat of 148-150 bpm
  • Less round ligament pains only minor discomfort when sitting too long squishing him.
  • My blotchy/dry face is finally getting better.
  • Same goes for my dry hair! Finally getting a little moisture back in it. 

  • Still struggling with pelvis and hip pain. Its more my lower back almost tail bone.
  • Migraines have slowed but I still have watery eyes and dry nose.
  • Breasts are swollen and tender! 
  • RESTLESS LEGS!  I did not miss this at all. UGH these boy pregnancies kick my butt. 
  • Super dry and itchy tummy. I have slacked on lotion and that is not good. 
  • This is a lowlight but highlight. Went to the radiologist for my breast and he said that it is larger but no major changes for him to believe it isn't still non cancerous. I will have a follow up appointment after I have the baby and most likely removal. My nipple still turns purple and numb from the lump being so large and underneath my nipple. 

Weight Gain/Loss:  +15 pounds

Sleep:  I am finally able to fall asleep but I actually have to force myself to put my cellphone down and just count sheep until I finally pass out. I am thinking this has a lot to do with just how un comfortable I am when I lay in bed. 

Best Moment This Week: My best moments are always with my babies. Elena is SO CLOSE to walking and I couldn't be more excited. I can't wait to see her chase around Brayden and just in time for the nice weather. We have been working on Brayden's words and ABC's. I swear he is so smart that he is just on strike. It's his way or the highway. This week I also started my clothing company MOMCODE AND bought a new amazing camera. 

Movement: ALL THE TIME. He is a non stop ninja in there. 

Food Cravings/Aversions: Anything sweet and in the house ends up in my tummy. :)
I have slacked this pregnancy at replacing  brownies with orange juice but I promise myself to start being better.

What I Miss: I miss relaxing sleep and being able to chase my babies or clean the house without getting out of breath. 

Stretch Marks:  I haven't seen any new ones YET but my stomach is so very dry. Need to double the dosage of lotion and stop taking so many baths. That thought makes me sad. ): 

Belly Button: Belly button still looks like a navel of an orange as you can see for yourself. 

Mood: Still pretty happy this past week. Just feeling ambitions and really wanting to be a better person and mom all around. 

Labor SignsBaby boy shows no signs of coming any time soon and thats okay with momma!

Upcoming Appointments/Events: I have to go to the hospital and do my glucose test sometime this week. My 3D ultrasound is on March 9th and I now have appointments every TWO WEEKS with my midwife. Now is when time starts flying. 

What I look forward to: Seeing my baby boys face.  Moving into our house.  Brayden's second birthday. Elena's first birthday. The birth of my baby boy. Possibly buying our first home. 

Weekly Wisdom: Do not eat a whole box of rice crispie treats. 

See my update from my last pregnancy at 28 weeks!

Thank you for reading!
Always feel free to comment below.
EMAIL: catchingupwithcrystal@gmail.com


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