30 Weeks Down, 10 More To Go! ❤

 Baby is about 15.7 inches long now and weighs around 3 pounds.

Starting weight 120 pounds - Starting waist  31.5 inches. 
I am now137lbs & 39 inches 

WEIGHT: +19 pounds
WAIST: 39 inches (+7.5 inches) 

Highlights and Lowlights of my Pregnancy Week 30:

  • Baby boy moves a ton and reassures mom he's okay.
  • I have had no bleeding and loss of mucus plug the past FOUR weeks!
  • Baby boy had a strong heartbeat at my appointment.
  • Being blessed with a healthy baby and pregnancy so far!
  • Passed my glucose test with flying colors!
  • I get to see my little man in ultrasound again in a few weeks! Sadly this is because he is breech though. 

  • Lower back / tailbone pain is still bad at times.
  • Baby boy is breech.
  • I have felt a little more tired and emotional this week.

Weight Gain/Loss:  +19 pounds

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good! Elena now sleeps through the night. 

Best Moment This Week: This week I have just enjoyed seeing little mans big movements in my tummy. 

Movement: ALL THE TIME. It is so adorable but he is so strong!!!

Food Cravings/Aversions: FROZEN BLUEBERRIES! I pour them in a bowl and eat them with a spoon. Any time I have a sweet craving I eat blueberries or drink CranRaspberry juice. 

What I Miss: I miss relaxing sleep and being able to chase my babies or clean the house without getting out of breath. 

Stretch Marks: No new ones yet! The time is coming my friend though. I am EXTRA ITCHY. 

Belly Button: Belly button still looks like a navel of an orange as you can see for yourself. 

Mood: Emotional and tired. Just another sign that we are coming to the end of this pregnancy.

Labor SignsBaby boy shows no signs of coming any time soon and thats okay with momma!

Upcoming Appointments/Events:  I just saw my midwife this Tuesday so I will see her again in two weeks! 

What I look forward to: Brayden's second birthday. Elena's first birthday. The birth of my baby boy. Possibly buying our first home. Getting a bigger vehicle. Seeing my three babies together. 

Weekly Wisdom: Complaining about your situation or life won't change it. Put on your big girl pants and make the changes you so badly want to see. 

See my update from my last pregnancy at 30 weeks!

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  1. Such an adorable bump! I follow you on instagram and I'm so glad I came and checked out your blog! :)

    The Mrs. & Co.


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