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My LONG Road to Hair Recovery


If you missed my first blogpost with the full story
on how I damaged my hair and started this journey
just click here and catch up!

So let's get started!
I knew I was going to grow out my hair long enough to 
cut off all the damage and have a "new start" before
I began this blogging journey of my hair!
The right side of my hair ended up with the most damage.
I am assuming this is because I had shorter layers 
and bangs on that side of my face. 
My goal was to grow out my hair long enough
so I could finally go and get my layers matched up so 
I no longer had a half mullet on one side of my head. 

After 7 long months of trying to repair/ grow my hair,
two big cuts of my length, no bleaching, and 
going back to a natural color I was finally able to accomplish this goal!

Here is an updated photo of my progression
including original length, chemically damaged, first cut, second cut (with extensions in to fill the short layers on one side), hair growth from January - March and
my final big hair cut to start this journey!

For some reason I never took a good quality photo when I
got my second hair cut so this one from February will have to do.
I want to guess that my hair grew a good 4 inches total from January to February. 


I very rarely straighten or curl my real hair but when I do
I make sure to apply heat protectant and keep them at a 
low setting! This makes a huge difference!

Out of these products I love the deep reconstructor conditioner treatment and the actual conditioner. 
I have seen so many good reviews and actual results on my own hair. 

I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week but after my shower
I put this oil in my damp hair and massage it from roots to
my ends then let my hair air dry!

I was walking around K-Mart and saw this product and
HAD TO TRY IT! After googling reviews I was very happy
with the choice I made and also happy with how it made my
hair feel. The bottle doesn't lie and my hair feels thick and healthy. I usually use this shampoo, then my k-pac conditioner and end it with this conditioner. 

This product is amazing for healing damaged hair!
I like to scoop a handful and lather it into my hair. If I am just lazy around the house with the kids ill throw my hair in a clip and leave it for most the day! 

These are the vitamins I take for my pregnancy but they also help me stay healthy and have all the vitamins I need to help my hair. 

After letting my hair air dry I usually just section my hair and add my clip in extensions that are already curled. I go over my hair and the extensions with a brush so they blend together and my hair is done. By using this method I avoid heat damaging my real hair. I take them out every night before bed and make sure to massage my scalp. 

My GO TO HAIR STYLE with extensions. 


Don't wash your hair everyday.

Don't roughly towel dry your hair.

Don't brush your hair when it is overly wet.

Always use heat protectant but try to avoid heat.

Avoid tight and damaging pony tails or buns.

Massage and scratch your scalp to help growth.

Do not color or bleach your hair!

Take your vitamins. 


Before my haircut I am guessing my hair was at 3.
Now my hair is at what would be a 0.
I am beyond happy with how healthy 
and thick it feels though.
Cheers to starting this hair journey!

Thank you for reading!
Always feel free to comment below or share my posts!
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  1. I'm going thru the same thing!!! Where did you get your extentions?

  2. So many studies that have been conducted have come to the conclusion that Eclipta alba being included in the hair oil looking to prevent hair loss has consistently worked so well.masque pour les cheveux secs et abîmés


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