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Don't get me wrong... a year and a half ago when we first decided
 that we should probably get married I was a little more enthusiastic. 
We had just found out we were pregnant with our second child and
 started house searching while Matt made the big decision to
finally open an actual store for his clothing brand.

He never got down on a knee or anything at that time he just 
bought me a ring and the deed was done.
We had already been living together for a year and had a son
I think those actions showed me he loved me more than him
getting down on a knee or making a big deal out of our engagement.

I still did what every engaged female does though and instantly
started pinning stuff on Pinterest, set a date, scheduled an 
engagement shoot and even bought a dress! 

The year went by and we were both so buried in our work loads.
His clothing company was growing at an incredible rate and 
Matt quit his other job to do Luckless full time! 
Even though this cut our income in half you could
see how much happier this decision made him. 
I wasn't working due to just having our daughter
and lets face it we hadn't set aside any money or
did any serious wedding planning so the date came and passed.

I remember being in the car that day thinking how beautiful the 
weather was and what a nice wedding it would of been 
but never once felt angry or remorse on our decision 
to wait for a time where we would be more prepared.

By this time we were already pregnant with our THIRD child.
He really enjoys telling me how much he loves me by making me the mother of his children. ;)
Wedding talk took a break and we were focused on our family,
his clothing company, STILL house hunting and now
looking for a bigger vehicle to fit our family of FIVE.

On Christmas morning he surprised me by getting down 
on his knee while we were surrounded by our little ones.
He told me how much he loved me and how he knew I was
 the women he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.
We had a few bumps in the road in prior months and 
in this moment I finally felt a sense of relief and comfort.

It was then I realized that I don't need a piece of paper
or a label to tell me how much I love this man.

I have now spent 3 years of my life making him my everything.
We have built a family together.
He comes home to ME every night.
He chose ME to be the mother of his children.
He is looking for a place to call home with ME.
We make decisions together.
We share our problems with each other.
He has accepted my bubble bath obsession.
He loves my body even with changes due to carrying three kids.
I can predict his every move in situations. 
I know how to nurse his hangovers.
Cure him when he is HANGRY.
He accepts my dream to be a blogger.
I support his dream of Luckless.
I know everything about him
Just like he knows everything about me.

Society makes you feel like you HAVE to get married when
you have a child with someone but you know what I think.
Society can suck it.
I will marry this man when the right time comes around
and until then changing my last name and saying some
vows isn't going to make me love him or him love me anymore.
We have stayed together over three years without 
having a document that states we have to.
That is real love and I am so happy I realized that.

Some day I will have my dream wedding but until then 
I already found my dream guy and I am enjoying 
everyday that I get to wake up beside him. 

Thank you for reading!
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  1. I hope one day I can love like yall. I'm 15 and I can tell you that no guy would have 3 kids with a women he didn't love. I love you and your kids are the cutest!

  2. That is so true. You don't need no document. I'm not married and I'm so happy with my man & have a beautiful baby girl that turned 7 months. Society is stupid. You go crystal 😘 can you please add me on Ig: Missmayras

  3. This is amazing and so true. You do NOT need a piece of paper to prove how much you love someone.x

  4. This is amazing and so true. You do NOT need a piece of paper to prove how much you love someone.x

  5. I agree. I did everything backwards. Got pregnant, moved in together, got pregnant again 3 years later and finally got married after 7 years. I wouldn't change any of it. This is our happily ever after.

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  8. It would be cute to get married on a sticky note like in Greys anatomy:)

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  10. Very true! My (now) husband and I married on our terms, when we felt the time was right. I didn't want to rush anything or feel I had to do it because it was expected of me. A much happier and better decision when we both wanted to for the right reasons.

  11. Probably the best blog I've read, hands down. I've read a lot in my day. "in my day" like I'm old or something. Haha. But seriously, I love following your little family on IG. I think the way you feel about this is simply beautiful and real. Thank you for being so real and sharing that with all of us. My Instagram name is "allabout_mason".

  12. Well said! Don't let peer pressure or societal pressure rush you into making a hasty life decision. It's your life, your rules. ;)

  13. Well said! Don't let peer pressure or societal pressure rush you into making a hasty life decision. It's your life, your rules. ;)

  14. Love this, my hubby and I did everything backwards been together since we were 15 years old, did college, got pregnant, got a dog, had the baby, got a house, got engaged, had our DREAM wedding, and now 8 months pregnant with baby boy number 2 ! And I can't stress it anymore how important it is to get married when the time is right...not when society tells you it's right !! congratulations on baby number three, y'all are a beautiful family.
    Ig: aseky0921


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