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My Labor and Delivery with Treyson ♥

Out of all three of my pregnancies I have to say  Treyson's was the most difficult for me.  From having three consecutive pregnancies  my pelvis, tailbone and hips hurt so bad starting as early as the second trimester. 

I was always on the edge because unlike my prior pregnancies I was constantly having minor bleeding and losing my mucous plug. 
With my first two pregnancies I didn't experience any of that until a week 
or two before going into labor. 

It all began at 35 weeks when I dropped the kids off at Matt's parents and headed to the hospital with slightly painful but consistent contractions. After an hour of being monitored I was told to  go home drink lots of water and try to rest.  My midwife knew that was easier said than done with two under two. Cervix was soft and dilated 1cm. Contractions every 4 minutes 

After trying to take it easy for a week but still consistently losing bloody mucous I ended up back at the hospital once again. I blame Matt's gumbo that I jokingly told him  to…

To the person who thinks refraining from being rude is going to kill them,

There are so many times a day that I  see someones post and I don't agree with  what they are saying but I KEEP SCROLLING.
In my eyes there is no need to stir up unnecessary drama or to even ruin someones day by being  so simple minded that I HAVE to voice my opinion.
Unless you are putting an innocent child in danger or  handing out false information that could put someone else in potential danger... I could care less what you do or say.
You venting about your relationship or posting half nude photos is not effecting my life at all. And if I did comment something rude then it would be effecting my life because now I am spending hours fighting with you and your close friends and for what reason?
Because I have never seen a breast in my life? Because I have never fought with my boyfriend before? Because I have never just needed SOMEONE to be on  my side and tell me that I am not going crazy? Or I simply just wanted to feel good about my body?
Who the hell cares what that person's reason for posting…

Brickyard Buffalo Guest Editor

This week I have the honor of guest editing at The Brickyard Buffalo! Brickyard Buffalo is pop-up market that keeps you up to date with all the new trends and also allows you to buy them at a discount!
This week I shared a few of my favorite shops  and their items ranging from 20%-85% off!

These items and so many more on sale over at

You don't want to miss out!
Big thanks to the shops that participated and made this guest host possible!


Happy Fourth from Mine to Yours!

As us stay at home moms know going out without  little ones hanging from you is so very rare.
Last night we managed to score a babysitter (Matt's 19 year old step sister) and ventured on our way to this adorable  restaurant, Moonwinks, in our area. 
We had a really good time and it was honestly nice to just talk and enjoy our food without trying to keep all kids calm and hands away from our food so it doesn't get pulled off the table.
Even though Matt did manage to spill my water in my lap. ;)
But after a super nice night of feeling free and bringing back some sparks we have lost over the last three years of course something had to go even moderately wrong. 
Side note: I can never stay awake in the car  if i'm not driving especially if it's dark outside. Matt has grown to accept this and likes to joke and even ask if I am still awake 2 minutes into a car ride. 
So we get in the car to head home after dinner and I wake up to the lights of a cop car. I instantly look over at Matt who said he h…