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5 Reasons Why I Make a Horrible Blogger

Tank top from SweetTsDesign
1)  9 out of 10 I am dressed like above. 
Mom bun, jeans, tank top and very minimal makeup. 
In order to take fashion photos I have to get ready
and as a mother of 3 under 3... ain't nobody got time for that.

2) I lack consistency. 
Example: I am going to blog every Tuesday + Thursday.
Well, Tuesday the kids had doctor appointments
and little one got shots which made Wednesday + Thursday
a big bundle of FUN as I pleaded for just two seconds 
him to feel all better and the crying to stop.
Nothing ever goes as I planned.

3) I don't own a white bedspread.
Have you ever noticed that EVERY blogger
has this amazingly huge bed with white 
blankets to take adorable family photos in?
Not only is my comforter a mix of whatever
blankets don't have baby pee or puke on it 
at the time but my bedroom also looks like a war zone.
6 moves in the last 3 years = everything still in boxes.
It's like we are afraid to unpack.
Which leads us to...

4) I don't live in a beautifully decorated house.
In all honesty we don't even have photos hanging on the 
walls because every hole we put in has to be fixed 
when we leave which is actually next week!
Matt and I have been house shopping for 3 years 
and if you have followed our journey you know 
we are very LUCKLESS.
So if you love photos with blank white
walls and sometimes boxes in the background

5) We don't go on fancy vacations.
As much as I would love to be laying on
a beach with an adult beverage in my hand
lets be honest it really wouldn't
 be that much fun anyways. 
Treyson would be screaming because he is too hot.
Brayden would throw sand in Elena's eyes and
forever want to be in the water but scream
because the water hurt his eyes and taste bad.
And Elena would simply be trying to eat everything
on the beach from cigarette butts to shells. 
So as good as the idea sounds I think ill pass +
put the money towards my stroller addiction.



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Love this ! You kept it 100%
    Everything you said was spot on.the best bloggers are the honest bloggers ☺️

  3. As a mom of 10, 4 age 4 or under.... I soooo get it! 😂

  4. I feel you. I am never consistent! Blogging is therapeutic though!


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