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Beating the slump and working towards my goals

Lets start at the beginning. 
Pre Pregnancy and 19 year old body.

I never struggled with my body or weight in my past because I was always so active and fit. 
In high school I ran cross country and long distance track. Trained hard and made it to states. 
After a year of college I decided I needed a break and joined the Army NG.
 Off to basic training I went where I kicked A at PT and never felt better about my body. 
I averaged around 105-110 lbs and had a BMI of 18. 
I would of never guessed that 5 months later I would be pregnant with my first child. 

STARTED: 110lbs ENDED: 160lbs +50
My first pregnancy I had a serious addiction to brownies and Netflix.
I managed to gain a whopping 50 lbs and it showed! 
Thankfully yet sadly I had to leave for 3 weeks of Army training and
the weight just poured off from all the heat and working out.
By the time I got home I was back down to 115lbs 
but I also found out I was pregnant 2 weeks later!
Talk about a welcome home gift from my man.
He's always been the go hard or go home type!

STARTED: 115lbs ENDED: 140lbs +25lbs

With my daughter I made sure to stay active and eat healthy. 
I replaced sweets with fruit and drank tons of water.
Post baby I started walking daily and working out at home. 
Breastfeeding was also such an amazing way to lose the weight.
I was deeply considering becoming a Beachbody Coach but 
found out I was once again pregnant. 
3 babies in 3 years!

STARTED: 118lbs ENDED: 145lbs +27

And now we catch up on present day!
I am currently 3 months postpartum and 130lbs.
I have slacked at staying active or eating healthy this time around.
From doing so I not only have struggled accepting my body
but it has been a gateway to many of the issues i've been dealing with.

From not eating healthy or drinking enough water I have struggled with
migraines, lack of milk supply for breastfeeding, feeling unmotivated and being tired.
Some days all I would want to do is sit on the couch and watch Netflix on my phone.
My man and I would fight about house hold chores not being done 
and ultimately I felt like a failure as a mother while the kids watched
way too many cartoons and I had to start supplementing formula.

I felt myself slipping into a depression.
I didn't feel sexy so I wasn't into mommy daddy time.
So not only were we fighting more because of the house not being clean
but he was also left feeling unwanted like I no longer was attracted to him.
In reality I wasn't attracted to myself.

I was behind on collaborations, blog posts and momcode orders.
In my hardest days I always took pride that at least I was a kick ass mom
but when I even started slacking at that it was a slap in the face.
I vowed to never be the nagging lazy mom and wife who lets themselves go.
It was time to drag myself out of self pity and make some changes. 

It is easy to say you're going to do something then give up after a few days, weeks or even months.
I figured what better way to make sure I achieve and stick to my goals than being a coach for others?
In a way not so much a coach but an inspiration for other moms who find themselves in the same slump.

I took the plunge and signed up for Beachbody.
I got my package to start 21 day fix and Shakeology, 
it also included Beachbody on demand where I can access ALL workouts online,
then made it my goal to kick ass and show everyone I can do this.
July 27th 2015
August 2nd 2015

In just one week I lost 2lbs and inches off my waist! 
I wore a bikini swimming this weekend for the first time 
all summer and Matt already said my butt feels firmer. ;) 
I am amazed at what just one week looks like and can't
wait to see what I look like after all 21 days is up!
Just by eating healthier and working out I am slowly
getting out of my slump and becoming an even better 
version of myself that I knew was in there somewhere.

Interested in signing up or purchasing?
Check out my coach:



  1. I just wrote a long comment and didnt go through :( Good for you Crystal!! I have finished 1 round of 21day fix and have lost inches and 7lbs. I have been following you and watching your family grow. Thank you for promoting a healthy lifestyle! I am an active duty marine momma and feel like i never have time for anything! The 21 day is great, easy and simple. Good luck Crystal, cannot wait to follow your progress :)

  2. Good for you! :) As a mother of 3 also I know how you feel. I too recently just got the drive to get out of my slump. Having 3 kids, a house and husband to take care of gets overwhelming. It's hard to want to have some mommy daddy time when you don't even want to see yourself naked. I'm happy for you that you're making a change for yourself and wanting to help others in the process. The world is full of mothers and it helps lift the "I must be the only one" feeling when people like you are honest about the real struggles we face, especially after having a baby.

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