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Recovering Color-a-Holic

For those of you who are just now joining me on this journey  I will give you a quick recap and catch you up to date! :) 
All my life I have wanted long, gorgeous and healthy hair yet I was so addicted to changing my hair color that the damage prevented me from ever achieving that goal.

After 6 months of Army training I got my hair chopped off to my shoulders. 

After two and a half years and two pregnancies I was finally reaching my lifetime goal of long healthy hair. 
At least I thought so... Late July I attempted to change my hair color to burgundy. The color kept fading so fast that after a week I would have dull, ugly, pink hair and I couldn't stand it.

So the dummy I am attempted to bleach my hair back blonde.

It took THREE MAJOR hair cuts to finally cut off all the fried/damaged hair.  I also went back to a more natural light brown color until my hair was healthier. The plan has always been to go back blonde when the time was right and now after 8 months I am finally going to update you all…