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Recovering Color-a-Holic

For those of you who are just now joining me on this journey 
I will give you a quick recap and catch you up to date! :) 

All my life I have wanted long, gorgeous and healthy hair
yet I was so addicted to changing my hair color that
the damage prevented me from ever achieving that goal.

After 6 months of Army training I got my hair chopped off to my shoulders. 

After two and a half years and two pregnancies I was finally
reaching my lifetime goal of long healthy hair. 

At least I thought so...
Late July I attempted to change my hair color to burgundy.
The color kept fading so fast that after a week I would have
dull, ugly, pink hair and I couldn't stand it.

So the dummy I am attempted to bleach my hair back blonde.

It took THREE MAJOR hair cuts to finally cut off all the fried/damaged hair. 
I also went back to a more natural light brown color until my hair was healthier.
The plan has always been to go back blonde when the time was right
and now after 8 months I am finally going to update you all!

Keep in mind that after having my son in May I did 
experience hair loss and more dryness slowing the growth.

I was determined to find something to help and despite
my most SKEPTICAL judgments I finally gave
It Works! Hair Skin Nails a chance to prove me wrong.
(This post is by no means paid for or false advertising. I do not sell It Works! this is an honest opinion + review.)

Not only am I thrilled how fast my hair is growing (finally)!
I am head over heels in love with how healthy my hair looks and feels!

The difference is mind blowing! 

I finally stopped wearing my extensions everyday because 
I no longer feel like my hair is hideous without them.
I actually love my long BLONDE healthy bob
and couldn't be more thrilled with how far 
my hair journey has progressed in the last year.

I have accepted that sometimes it takes a catastrophe to 
make you change your ways and as devastated as I was
holding half of my hair in my hand as it fell out...
I can say that it opened my eyes to how badly I was treating my hair.

  • I no longer binge color my hair or use hot styling tools on it everyday.
  • When I do style it I use heat protectant. 
  • I stopped using bleach and started going to a professional who uses a Hi-Lift color on my hair.
  • I no longer wash my hair daily stripping it of its natural oils.
  • I make sure to use proper moisturizing shampoo + conditioner.
  • I take my vitamins and It Works! Hair Skin Nails to help my hair stay healthy and grow. 

If you are going through these same struggles with your hair I hope my post encouraged you to take the steps to healthier hair.

If you have any questions about the It Works! Hair Skin Nail vitamins you can email Regena at

Thank you so much for following my journey! :)
Comment below things that you do to help your hair growth.



  1. Argon or coconut oil once a week a deep condition mask! :)
    I stopped brushing my hair when it's wet...ill run my fingers through it when it's wet, then brush it when it is completely dry. Helps with breakage and split ends on my hair c:

  2. Argon or coconut oil once a week a deep condition mask! :)
    I stopped brushing my hair when it's wet...ill run my fingers through it when it's wet, then brush it when it is completely dry. Helps with breakage and split ends on my hair c:


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