My Journey after Pregnancy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First a quick introduction of what these posts will be all about. 
Since I no longer will be posting Pregnancy Boards (shocker huh?) 
I decided to replace it with my journey as I work on getting back into shape. 
Notice how I didn't say getting back to my pre pregnancy body because lets face it
my body will never be what it once was and I am okay with that. 
My stomach has stretched to hold an 8 pound 4 ounce baby.
My hips have widened to allow not just one but two babies to pass through. 
My breasts have now been a main source of nutrition to two little bundles of joy. 
They have grown, shrunk and grown again. 
The first step is acceptance and I have accepted.
My. Body. Will. Never. Be. The. Same.
But to me it will be better. 
I will be sharing my week to week progress, struggles and even workouts eventually. 
I will be keeping track of my weight, waist measurements and physical appearance. 
I will answer all questions and even give any needed advice in the comments below. 
Are you wanting to get in shape for the summer season too? Join my journey. 
This post was a bit delayed but I did take the photos on my 1 week post anniversary. 
I will be posting every Friday! 
 Here's to a new body. 

I started my pregnancy at 119lbs and 31 inches. 
I finished my pregnancy at 140lbs and 39 inches.

Pounds lost since pregnancy: -15 pounds

Inches lost since pregnancy: -5.5 inches

What I have been doing for fitness: Eating healthy and breastfeeding.

This weeks biggest struggle: Lack of sleep = lack of ambition.

Short term  goals: Start walking more once the weather gets nice.

Long term goals: 110 pounds and the ability to run a mile in 6 minutes.

Weekly wisdom: Don't push your self too hard the first few weeks. Focus on cuddling your newborn and letting your body repair.

Left: Before my pregnancy with Brayden.
Right: After my pregnancy with Brayden but before my pregnancy with Elena.

One hour after delivering Elena.

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