23 Weeks Down, 17 More Weeks to go! ❤

Friday, January 30, 2015

Hey everyone!
I know I have been slacking on this pregnancy and I apologize for that.
Just know that two littles and being pregnant is EXHAUSTING.
This winter has been filled with nothing but sickness for the Morris Household.

I can't say I am sad but February brings the end of our lease at our townhouse.
I remember being SO EXCITED to move here last year (when I was pregnant with Elena)
but sadly it's just not right for children and we have once again been discussing homes.

At first we were interested in renting a house but we came across one in our price range to buy!
Knocking on wood and not cursing anything, since we have had SO MANY PROBLEMS
in the house buying area due to Matt owning his own business, just keep your fingers crossed for us!
Joy fills me just thinking about the babies having a yard to play in and nice town to grow up in.
Plus actually owning a home means you can paint rooms and make it "homey" which I haven't had 
the pleasure of doing since we have mostly lived in apartments and townhouses. 

We have MANY EVENTS coming up these next few months!
I want to stick a shoe in my butt and actually get back on my blogging game.
My blog has been pretty lonely these past few months but I promise its my goal to change that.
If you have ideas of what you want me to post about other than my pregnancy & hair growth comment below!
On that note, Let's get to my 23 WEEK BUMP BOARD!

Starting weight 120 pounds - Starting waist measurement 31.5 inches. 

WEIGHT: +4 pounds
WAIST: 35 inches (+3.5 inches) 

Highlights and Lowlights of my Pregnancy Week 23:

  • Baby boy moves a ton and reassures mom he's okay.
  • I have had no bleeding and loss of mucus plug has slowed! 
  • Almost to the end of the second trimester already! 
  • I am finally getting a baby bump.
  • He was 1lb and 1 ounce at my last ultrasound.

  • Round Ligament pains especially in the morning when I wake up. 
  • Braxton Hicks constantly. They don't hurt just hard to breathe and stomach tightens.
  • Pelvis and hip pain. Occasional back pain. 
  • Fighting a sinus infection.
  • I want to eat everything in sight. 
  • I am having issues sleeping at night (besides when Elena wakes me up)
  • Frequent Urination!
  • At my ultrasound his heartbeat seemed low to me. It was in the 120bpm range. 
  • ^ He has always ranged from 170-145. 

Stretch marks: No new ones!

Belly button in or out: It is an innie outtie! I have never had it pop out for any of my pregnancies. But I do notice that he is very low and pushes my belly button up higher.

Sleep: So restless!!!!!

Best moment this week: 

Worst moment this week: All week I have wanted nothing but sweets, sweets & more sweets. I notice I have more issues controlling bad eating habits with my boy pregnancies. 

Miss anything: I do miss not being so exhausted all the time but I know it's only temporary and so worth it. 

Movement: Tons of movement, I love watching my little man kick and squirm. Going to miss this. 

Cravings: Smoothies, ice cream, ranch veggie chips, strawberry filled cookies, rice krispies... I told you its been bad. 

Queasy or sick: Just tired this week. The only sickness I have is a sinus infection not pregnancy.

Looking forward to: Being a week closer to meeting our little man! 

Mood: My mood is mixed in between stressed but lovey at the same time.

Upcoming events/appointments: 
Appointment with my midwife I think next week!
3D ultrasound at 29ish weeks. (:

What I look forward to: A confirmation that the baby is okay and growing perfectly!

Weekly Wisdom:  Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you.

Treyson Michael Scott Morris❤

Thank you for reading!
Always feel free to comment below.
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Confessions of a Hair Color-a-Holic

Sunday, January 4, 2015

When sitting and deeply thinking about something harmful that I am addicted to it took
awhile for me to come to terms with the ONE and only addiction that I have. 

Coloring & Bleaching my hair.

I have never:
tried any drugs
rarely drank alcohol
chewed tobacco
eat lots of junk food
or even drank caffeinated drinks.

I am fairly borderline boring besides the fact that 
Here is my story and eye opener:

I started coloring my hair when I was 15 year old. 
For the longest time I was a tom boy and had naturally long dirty blond hair. 
The first color I ever did was burgundy underneath and low lights up top.
After that it was a spiral of different colors. 

Strawberry blonde, dark brown, blonde with red low lights, platinum blonde, chestnut brown it never ended.
Along with all the colors I also had issues with ever growing my hair out again 
because I was constantly ruining my hair with chemicals.

I started wearing my first set of clip in extensions when I was 17 years old.
Ever since then the longest I have went without extensions is the 6 months I was away for Army training.
You would think in that time frame my hair was healthy as can be.
Not the case at all. 
The constant buns and helmets pulling my hair resulted in even more damage and I cut my hair off at AIT.
This is where we will start our journey. 

The top photo is when I cut my hair off during Army Training. 
The bottom photo is ALL MY REAL HAIR after two and a half years and two pregnancies. 

I still wore my clip in extensions mostly everyday but I stopped coloring my hair as much.
Between these photos I colored my hair dirty blonde then back to platinum. 
Then a few months later I decided I wanted RED hair. 
I colored it a strawberry blonde then hated it.
Colored it again dark red then hated that too and went back platinum. 
After I went back to platinum I stopped coloring my hair (besides root touch ups) for a whole 
YEAR and 8 months! 

Sadly I just HAD TO color my hair and not only 
ruined my streak but also my beautiful long & healthy hair. 
My hair was so fried it would fall out if I even brushed it.
It felt like cotton candy when it was wet and would take forever to dry.
This was July 2014
I got most of the damage in the ends cut off and decided to color my hair a dark repairing color 
that way I wouldn't have to have any bleach on my hair at all while it repaired. 

I tried everything to hide the fact that I had fried my long beautiful hair. 
Braids, hats, twists, curls to blend and double sets of extensions. 
And even though these all worked to hide it they were also preventing my hair from getting healthy again.

As you can see my hair was slowly growing but as it grew it got thinner at the bottom. 
I finally took the plunge and chopped off my hair to my shoulders! 

How I plan on repairing and growing out my hair:
stop styling my hair everyday
air dry when wet
don't comb when wet
prenatal vitamins
argan oil
k-pac shampoo & conditioner
only wash 2-3 times a week

Eventually I do want to go back platinum before our wedding in October.
I want to do monthly updates and growth comparisons until our big day. 
I will share what products I have been using and what I find helps.
I haven't came up with any cool names yet like
-Racing our wedding day
or something along the lines of growing my hair out before our wedding. 
If you have any crafty ideas comment below!

I have never openly admitted that I wore extensions or that I fried my hair.
It took a lot for me to come out in the open about this all and I thank you all for being supportive.
It honestly means so much to me. 

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Chicken Pox after Vaccine

The run around due to 

Breakthrough Varicella

On October 30th 2014 my son got his Chickenpox Vaccine. 

November 24th  I noticed a few bumps on his stomach when he woke up
and called his pediatrician for an appointment right away.
The doctor said that they were bug bites. 
When I asked about the chicken pox vaccine she assured me
that the rash had nothing to do with the vaccine.
I picked up calamine lotion and carpet insect killer. 
Went home and stripped his bedding, bleached his crib rails and mattress, 
sprayed his carpet with the insect killer and even got rid of our dog.
The bumps dried up but as soon as they did...

December 2nd Brayden was once covered in bumps. 
They were mostly on his back/neck and stomach.
I freaked out thinking that it was a bug again even though he sleeps in footie pjs.
Once again I sprayed the carpets, stripped his bedding and bleached his mattress.
I searched HIGH and LOW looking for any bug(s) or even a spider web.
The bumps dried up and went away but not for long. 

By December 22nd Brayden was covered in bumps. 
They were no longer just on his back or stomach but they now had spread to his 
arms, legs, feet, hands and face.
Some where between 50-75 bumps.
I called the Doctor once again and made an appointment.
We were seen by a different doctor but once again got the same answer.
"It looks like bug bites and has nothing to do with the vaccine"
even though non of our issues started until AFTER the vaccine.
We have lived in our townhouse for almost a year and magically "got bugs"
even more magically they ONLY bite Brayden. 
I assured him that I had done EVERYTHING and it was not bugs
but he thought other wise. 
So back to step one and repeat. 
Spray, bleach, strip the bedding and look for bugs.

On December 27th Brayden woke up with a fever of 104. 
His whole body was steaming hot and he also had more spots.
I would get his fever down to 101 but every time the medicine wore off it shot back up to 104.
Petrified of  Febrile Seizures because I had them when I was his age I took him to local ER.
I made the mistake of telling them the diagnosis that the first two doctors made.
They took his fever, gave him some tylenol and told us it was BED BUGS.
The female doctor googled bed bug bites and assured us that was the issue.
Once again all questions about the chicken pox vaccine were shot down.

We went home and the first thing I did was cut his mattress in half.
Not even 2 years old and bought brand new.
I tore through the layers and examined the cotton for ANYTHING.
A bug, a shedding, droppling ANYTHING.
It was all clean there was not a bug or any signs of bugs in his whole mattress.
While I was at it I also cut open his pillow and still NOTHING.

To be on the safe side we decided Brayden would sleep in our bed with us and our 9 month old daughter. 
Surprise surprise even after two nights of not being in his crib he was waking up with new bumps.
Poor little guy was fighting a high fever still 
and was so sick all he did was sleep and lay on the couch. 

Once again off to a DIFFERENT ER we went. 
This time I decided I was going to play dumb. 
I wouldn't say anything about the vaccine or bug bites. 
After sitting in the ER for 4 hours we finally got someone to agree that 
his rash could possibly be a reaction from the vaccine. 
They tested for strep, RSV and Influenza. 
All tests came back negative. 
We left the hospital with a sheet of paper saying 
"Unidentified rash,  follow up appointment in a week and return if fever goes above 102."

At this point I was LIVID. 
So now we officially had 4 different doctors and ZERO ANSWERS.
And to top the cake Brayden got a chest cold from being around sick people in the ER for 4 hours. 
He then passed this chest cold along to his baby sister. 
On a mission I began to google and research. 

To my surprise, guess who finally answered my questions?

Here is what I found and decided that other moms should be more aware of. 
This is Brayden's Rash. 
Like typical rashes it is worse when he takes a warm bath or wakes up because he's hot.

What Brayden has is known as BREAKTHROUGH CHICKEN POX in civilian terms. 

Varicella in Vaccinated Persons (Breakthrough Varicella)

Breakthrough varicella on the abdomen of a vaccinated child.
Breakthrough varicella on the abdomen of a vaccinated child.
Breakthrough varicella is infection with wild-type VZV occurring in a vaccinated person more than 42 days after varicella vaccination. Breakthrough varicella is usually mild. Patients typically are afebrile or have low fever and develop fewer than 50 skin lesions. They usually have a shorter illness compared to unvaccinated people who get varicella. The rash is more likely to be predominantly maculopapular rather than vesicular. However, 25%-30% of persons vaccinated with 1 dose with breakthrough varicella have clinical features typical of varicella in unvaccinated people.
Since the clinical features of breakthrough varicella are often mild, it can be difficult to make a diagnosis on clinical presentation alone. Laboratory testing is increasingly important for confirming varicella and appropriately managing cases and their contacts. There is limited information about breakthrough varicella in persons who have received two doses of varicella vaccine, though it appears to occur less frequently among people vaccinated with two doses of varicella vaccine compared to persons who have received a single dose of varicella vaccine.

I know it's boring to read but basically here is what you need to know:
Breakthrough Varicella means chicken pox in a vaccinated person.

It is often mistaken for bug bites or other rashes because it doesn't look like normal chicken pox.

USUALLY mild compared to normal chicken pox with less symptoms and bumps.

Bumps in rash are flat red areas such as bug bites rather then raised and blistered like normal chicken pox. 

I posted a few links above if you wanted to read more about it. 

Do I regret Brayden getting the vaccine? 
No, I am relieved that it isn't as painful as normal chicken pox I just wish doctors would have answered us and didn't give us the run around for weeks. 

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