My Labor and Delivery with Treyson ♥

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Out of all three of my pregnancies I have to say 
Treyson's was the most difficult for me. 
From having three consecutive pregnancies 
my pelvis, tailbone and hips hurt so bad
starting as early as the second trimester. 

I was always on the edge because
unlike my prior pregnancies I was
constantly having minor bleeding
and losing my mucous plug. 

With my first two pregnancies I didn't
experience any of that until a week 
or two before going into labor. 

It all began at 35 weeks when I dropped the
kids off at Matt's parents and headed to the hospital
with slightly painful but consistent contractions. 
After an hour of being monitored I was told to 
go home drink lots of water and try to rest. 
My midwife knew that was easier said than done with two under two. 
Cervix was soft and dilated 1cm.
Contractions every 4 minutes 

After trying to take it easy for a week but
still consistently losing bloody mucous I ended
up back at the hospital once again.
I blame Matt's gumbo that I jokingly told him 
to make it spicy to jump start my labor. 
He claims he didn't make it spicy but either way
a few bites in and I was running upstairs trying
to pinch a penny between my butt cheeks 
If you get what I am saying. 

After completely emptying my system and 
having slightly stronger contractions I decided
it was time to go to the hospital to be checked again.
I told Matt to stay home while the babies slept 
and at 11pm I drove myself to the hospital.
Lets be honest I was too anxious/nervous to sleep. 
And may I add the hospital is 3 miles down the road. 

The Verdict  
50% effaced
4cm dilated
cringe worthy contractions
every 4-5 minutes.
Sac of water bulging between
the babies head and my cervix. 

After an hour of no progression I got sent home.
There went my dream for his birthday to be 5-5-15 to match Elena's 4-4-14
So many people seemed shocked since I 
was already 4cm dilated but technically
I was still in "premature" labor meaning
they couldn't intervene or even recommend 
anything besides rest and drink fluids. 

I got home a little after midnight and finally
fell asleep around 1am just to wake up at
4:30 am with painful contractions. 
I found this so funny because I woke up at 4am in labor with Elena.
I slid in the bath where I stayed for a few hours
timing my contractions and trying to plan
what we were doing with the kids and 
how my mother was going to make it over.
She didn't own a vehicle at the time and was at work.

Drop the kids off at Matts parents
Be at the hospital by 7:30 am to get checked
Let my mom know so she could make her own game plan.

5cm dilated
painful contractions 4-6 minutes
no progress from 8am-2pm
so they sent me home. 

My mom ended up taking a half day at work
and getting a ride to the hospital with my Aunt.
I felt horrible that after taking off work and driving 
an hour I wasn't going to have the baby and 
I feared that she would end up missing the birth.
Lets face it, without my mom during labor 
I would be a mess!

Matt gave my mom the keys to his truck for her
to drive home that way she could rush back if needed. 
But she stuck around and rode with us to go 
pick up the kids from Matts parents house.
I could hardly walk without having to stop every
few seconds with a horrible contraction.
I remember being horrified at the thought of
being in that amount of pain for days.
On the car ride over I would fall asleep then 
wake up every painful contraction. 
I just kept telling myself to be strong
because it was only going to get worse.

By the time we got to his parents I was
bent over laying on the kitchen counter 
every contraction unable to talk through them.
We packed the kids into the car and back home we went.
The ride home was just as horrifying and 
I almost begged Matt to carry me inside
so I wouldn't get a contraction every step.

Right into the bathtub I went 
where I stayed for hours.
Even Brayden joined me at one point.
My contractions were still 4-6 minutes apart
but so painful that I had to breath and
 massage my back to get through them.
I just kept reminding myself that 
it was only going to get worse that I had to be strong. 

When I finally came down stairs I sat on my
birth ball and rolled my hips back and forth
while massaging my back during the contractions.

I laid down on the couch because I was in
so much pain and Matt the clean couch nazi
asked if I was going to ruin the couch 
if my water broke - lmao. 
Here I am in horrible pain and he's 
worried about the damn couch! 
Don't worry about me ill just go lay down 
on the kitchen floor so I don't ruin anything.

At this point I texted my midwife and told her
that I was in so much pain but my
contractions were still only 4 minutes apart. 
She gave me the option to go back into the
hospital to be checked and Matt looked at me
like I was nuts for wanting to go back after 
spending 6 hours there in the past 2 days.

I told him to stay home with the kids while
my mom drove me to the hospital to be checked.

8 cm dilated 
Baby was in position ready to go

Wait for Matt to get to the hospital
Break my water 

Minor set back...
If you remember my mom had the key to
Matt's truck and his spare key was on
my key set that I had at the hospital.
We had no one lined up to watch the 
babies and I had their carseats 
in my car at the hospital. 

Matt said he was about to throw 
the kids in their double stroller and
run all the way to the hospital! 
I would of laughed if I wasn't about to 
push a baby out my fine china. 

His older brother ended up coming to the
rescue and not only sitting at the house while
the kids slept but also letting Matt borrow his car. 

Matt walks in at 9pm as they are breaking 
my water and announcing that I am 9 cm dilated. 
My whole body was numb and tingling
Our bodies have an amazing way of naturally dealing with pain.
After 35 minutes of intense 
100% natural labor
24 hours of contractions 
4 good pushes 
no tears or lacerations
Treyson Michael Scott Morris 
entered the world officially. 
36 weeks gestation. 
9:35pm weighing 6lbs 11 ounces
and 19 inches long. 
Bigger then his big sister was at 38 weeks.
Couldn't of asked for a more perfect little 
man to welcome into our family.


To the person who thinks refraining from being rude is going to kill them,

Monday, July 6, 2015

There are so many times a day that I 
see someones post and I don't agree with 
what they are saying but I KEEP SCROLLING.

In my eyes there is no need to stir up unnecessary
drama or to even ruin someones day by being 
so simple minded that I HAVE to voice my opinion.

Unless you are putting an innocent child in danger or 
handing out false information that could put someone
else in potential danger... I could care less what you do or say.

You venting about your relationship or posting half nude
photos is not effecting my life at all.
And if I did comment something rude then it would
be effecting my life because now I am spending hours
fighting with you and your close friends
and for what reason?

Because I have never seen a breast in my life?
Because I have never fought with my boyfriend before?
Because I have never just needed SOMEONE to be on 
my side and tell me that I am not going crazy?
Or I simply just wanted to feel good about my body?

Who the hell cares what that person's reason for
posting whatever they did on THEIR account is.
If it bothers me SO MUCH I will simply unfollow them
and go about my life in a non conflict manor.
It honestly was as easy as a touch of a button. 

To the people who do feel the need to constantly
comment your rude opinion can I just simply ask why?

I am aware of the freedom of speech
but are you aware of common courtesy?

Let me guess...
You have SO MUCH negativity in your life that
you just HAVE to open your mouth and share.
It's like word vomit but your words are acid.

And if you don't say all these rude and hurtful
things then they are seriously just going to build
up inside until you explode from a sickness
I like to call Chronic Asshole Disorder

All because god forbid you just keep your mouth
shut and come off as a nice person.

Why don't you just do what the rest of us do
and screen shot it to send to a friend.
Now you can complain about it in a 
private and non conflicting manor. 

Wow, that was easy!

You got it off your chest and
don't have spend hours defending your 
dark and simple minded personality.

There is no possible way that you are always going
to agree with what someone else does.
We are all HUMAN.
Sometimes the way someone sneezes can put me 
in a mood but I am not going to let it ruin my day.
When you attack someone they are bound to attack back.
Why not just simply ignore what you don't agree with 
so you don't have to have all your flaws pointed out 
for simply posting a comment that was un needed.

This goes WAY back to Bambi ages!

If you can't say something nice,
don't say nothing at all.

You wouldn't like if someone did 
it to you so don't do it to them. 
It's honestly that easy.
I promise you wont die from holding it in.


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Happy Fourth from Mine to Yours!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

As us stay at home moms know going out without 
little ones hanging from you is so very rare.

Last night we managed to score a babysitter
(Matt's 19 year old step sister)
and ventured on our way to this adorable 
restaurant, Moonwinks, in our area. 

We had a really good time and it was
honestly nice to just talk and enjoy our
food without trying to keep all kids calm
and hands away from our food so it doesn't
get pulled off the table.

Even though Matt did manage to spill my water in my lap. ;)

But after a super nice night of feeling free
and bringing back some sparks we have lost
over the last three years of course something
had to go even moderately wrong. 

Side note: I can never stay awake in the car 
if i'm not driving especially if it's dark outside.
Matt has grown to accept this and likes
to joke and even ask if I am still awake
2 minutes into a car ride. 

So we get in the car to head home after dinner
and I wake up to the lights of a cop car.
I instantly look over at Matt who said he had 
no clue why he was getting pulled over. 

The cop walks up to the window asking if Matt
had been drinking because he had swerved three times.
At dinner Matt had one beer with his meal but didn't
even finish it and definitely not enough to be intoxicated.
I'm assuming he was zoned out and exhausted. 

With our two year old waking up every night at 2am
crying and two month old waking up for feedings 
neither of us have gotten much sleep.
On top of that Matts been working 13 hour days 
preparing for the new Luckless store to open. 

Matt explained that to the cop and did pass the
sobriety test but it was still all too close for comfort.

I offered to drive since I hadn't had a drink in over a year
not thinking that we were in Matt's old Datsun that 
is stick and has no power steering - lol
I couldn't even reach the petals and ended 
up stalling the car in front of the cop!
I got out laughing and the cop told Matt to just drive home.

Moral of the story: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE
or simply don't even zone out and drive
Be safe out there this weekend. 

Happy Fourth of July Loves!

Here is some of our family photos + outfit details.

Outfit details:
Kids clothes: Old Navy
My Dress + Shoes: Modern Vintage Boutique
My necklace: Wrenn Jewelry
My hair extensions: Hidden Crown Hair


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