Happy Fourth from Mine to Yours!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

As us stay at home moms know going out without 
little ones hanging from you is so very rare.

Last night we managed to score a babysitter
(Matt's 19 year old step sister)
and ventured on our way to this adorable 
restaurant, Moonwinks, in our area. 

We had a really good time and it was
honestly nice to just talk and enjoy our
food without trying to keep all kids calm
and hands away from our food so it doesn't
get pulled off the table.

Even though Matt did manage to spill my water in my lap. ;)

But after a super nice night of feeling free
and bringing back some sparks we have lost
over the last three years of course something
had to go even moderately wrong. 

Side note: I can never stay awake in the car 
if i'm not driving especially if it's dark outside.
Matt has grown to accept this and likes
to joke and even ask if I am still awake
2 minutes into a car ride. 

So we get in the car to head home after dinner
and I wake up to the lights of a cop car.
I instantly look over at Matt who said he had 
no clue why he was getting pulled over. 

The cop walks up to the window asking if Matt
had been drinking because he had swerved three times.
At dinner Matt had one beer with his meal but didn't
even finish it and definitely not enough to be intoxicated.
I'm assuming he was zoned out and exhausted. 

With our two year old waking up every night at 2am
crying and two month old waking up for feedings 
neither of us have gotten much sleep.
On top of that Matts been working 13 hour days 
preparing for the new Luckless store to open. 

Matt explained that to the cop and did pass the
sobriety test but it was still all too close for comfort.

I offered to drive since I hadn't had a drink in over a year
not thinking that we were in Matt's old Datsun that 
is stick and has no power steering - lol
I couldn't even reach the petals and ended 
up stalling the car in front of the cop!
I got out laughing and the cop told Matt to just drive home.

Moral of the story: DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE
or simply don't even zone out and drive
Be safe out there this weekend. 

Happy Fourth of July Loves!

Here is some of our family photos + outfit details.

Outfit details:
Kids clothes: Old Navy
My Dress + Shoes: Modern Vintage Boutique
My necklace: Wrenn Jewelry
My hair extensions: Hidden Crown Hair

EMAIL: catchingupwithcrystal@gmail.com

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  1. I feel ya on the falling asleep. I can never stay awake. My husband laughs at me too.


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