To the person who thinks refraining from being rude is going to kill them,

Monday, July 6, 2015

There are so many times a day that I 
see someones post and I don't agree with 
what they are saying but I KEEP SCROLLING.

In my eyes there is no need to stir up unnecessary
drama or to even ruin someones day by being 
so simple minded that I HAVE to voice my opinion.

Unless you are putting an innocent child in danger or 
handing out false information that could put someone
else in potential danger... I could care less what you do or say.

You venting about your relationship or posting half nude
photos is not effecting my life at all.
And if I did comment something rude then it would
be effecting my life because now I am spending hours
fighting with you and your close friends
and for what reason?

Because I have never seen a breast in my life?
Because I have never fought with my boyfriend before?
Because I have never just needed SOMEONE to be on 
my side and tell me that I am not going crazy?
Or I simply just wanted to feel good about my body?

Who the hell cares what that person's reason for
posting whatever they did on THEIR account is.
If it bothers me SO MUCH I will simply unfollow them
and go about my life in a non conflict manor.
It honestly was as easy as a touch of a button. 

To the people who do feel the need to constantly
comment your rude opinion can I just simply ask why?

I am aware of the freedom of speech
but are you aware of common courtesy?

Let me guess...
You have SO MUCH negativity in your life that
you just HAVE to open your mouth and share.
It's like word vomit but your words are acid.

And if you don't say all these rude and hurtful
things then they are seriously just going to build
up inside until you explode from a sickness
I like to call Chronic Asshole Disorder

All because god forbid you just keep your mouth
shut and come off as a nice person.

Why don't you just do what the rest of us do
and screen shot it to send to a friend.
Now you can complain about it in a 
private and non conflicting manor. 

Wow, that was easy!

You got it off your chest and
don't have spend hours defending your 
dark and simple minded personality.

There is no possible way that you are always going
to agree with what someone else does.
We are all HUMAN.
Sometimes the way someone sneezes can put me 
in a mood but I am not going to let it ruin my day.
When you attack someone they are bound to attack back.
Why not just simply ignore what you don't agree with 
so you don't have to have all your flaws pointed out 
for simply posting a comment that was un needed.

This goes WAY back to Bambi ages!

If you can't say something nice,
don't say nothing at all.

You wouldn't like if someone did 
it to you so don't do it to them. 
It's honestly that easy.
I promise you wont die from holding it in.



  1. Love this! The part about taking a screen shot and sending it your friends - nailed it! haha

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